Indiawaali Maa 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Murthy coming to talk to Kaku. Vasu comes and says I think Cheenu isn’t ready for the engagement, if you thought of it once again. He raises hand. Kaku stops him and holds his hand. He says you don’t know what’s going on in your daughter’s heart, I got to know now that you don’t respect your wife. He says its my family matter. She says I can’t tolerate a woman’s insult, a wife is good when she listens to her husband, but his ego gets hurt when she meets his eye. She asks Vasu to not keep his word. She says its good to do wife’s duty, but you have to protect your self esteem, think about it. She goes. Murthy gets angry.

Kaku comes home and waits for Kesar. Rohan gets Kesar and ladies home. Kesar sings and dances with Kaku. They hug. Rohan smiles. He says tell me if you need anything. Kaku asks him to talk to her. Kesar asks him to go. Akshay brings Cheenu home. Murthy sees her drunk. He asks what’s happening, stop it now, you kept Rohan on project and went out with him, your engagement is after 3 days, do I have any respect or not. She says yes, you have respect, you work hard on big plans. She insults him. She says more than my parents, Kaku loved me, she still loves me, we insulted her a lot, but her love didn’t get less, dad is just pleasing himself, Vasu is pleasing him, no one thought for daughters. Vasu asks her to be handle. Murthy asks what’s the need to have Kaku in the job, the project is damaging your life, forget the project, end this drama. Akshay says no, if drama is there, climax will also be there, I will show them their right place. Kesar says Rohan can’t rest, he is thinking of Cheenu.

Kaku asks did my plan work. Kesar smiles. Kaku asks her to say first. Kesar sings. She tells everything. Kaku gets happy. Kesar says I have also seen their love, what happened now. Kaku says I have a bad news. Rohan sees Cheenu and his pic. He hugs the pic and sleeps. He gets Akshay’s call. Akshay asks did your mom give you the news. Rohan asks what news. Akshay asks didn’t she tell you, engagement is after 3 days. Kesar asks what. Kaku says I don’t understand, what will we do. Akshay says Cheenu wasn’t not in senses, she was drunk, don’t hope anything. Rohan gets sad.

Kesar says we will make Cheenu admit the feelings, she will also say I love you. Kaku smiles. Kesar sings Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam…… She says we will get Rohan married. Its morning, Kesar asks Rohan to come out and have breakfast fast. Rohan goes out and sees the ladies doing their work. Kaku asks Rohan to come, Bhuj has come in the kitchen. He likes the food. Kaku feeds him with her hands. Kesar says we are together now to feed you. He says its enough, get ready for office now. He goes to get ready.

Rohan comes to office. He sees Cheenu. Raabta…plays…They recall their moments. Kesar comes to the office with Kaku. She gets her workers along. Akshay asks what’s all this. Kesar says its our Gujarati custom, we came here for the puja, we do our dance also. They get the Ganpati idol. Kesar asks Rohan and Cheenu to do the puja. She says they will be doing the project so they will do the puja. She asks Akshay to get aside. Rohan and Cheenu do the puja. Kesar says we will start the drama now. Rohan and Cheenu dance Garba with the office colleagues. Akshay looks on fuming. Kaku goes to answer Hasmukh’s call. He asks how is it going. Kesar greets him. They show him Rohan and Cheenu dancing with everyone.