Internet Wala Love 11th February 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Aadhya. She reminisces about Jai’s moments.
She couldn’t see Jai hospitalized. Subhankar asks Aadhya to leave, but she denies.
Doctor reveals that if Jai doesn’t wake up, then his life could be in danger. Roopa couldn’t see his son in danger. She drags Aadhya to Jai. She hands over
Aadhya’s hand on Jai’s and gives a green signal to their relationship. Jai is still unconsciousness. Roopa and Aadhya break down into tears.
Finally, Jai gains consciousness. Roopa and Aadhya get happy.

All take a deep sigh of relief. Roopa takes Jai home.
Subhankar Ji gets a stranger’s call, but he disconnects. The stranger plans to reach Subhankar Ji’s house and meet Aadhya.
Jai plans a date with Aaddhya. Aadhya reaches the point where Jai asked her to meet. Jai gets stuck in a jam.
Some goons trouble Aadhya. A stranger comes for Aadhya’s help. Aadhya thanks the stranger.
Jai rushes to be on time. He bumps into a stranger.

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