Ishk Par Zor Nahi 15th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Ahaan and Ishqi arguing. She says you take drugs in the morning. Ahaan says I was feeling guilty to taunt about your parents, I didn’t know they have passed away. She says I can’t tolerate any pity. He says listen Ishqi, I m really sorry. She says I don’t need your sympathy. He asks what’s your problem. She says I have many problems. He says you wanted me to say sorry, now I m saying sorry. She says it looks good if person realizes mistake and says sorry, if said by guilt or pity, it looks really bad, if my parents were alive, then you would have taunted my upbringing, they aren’t here, so you are guilty. He says I m really sorry for that. She says its wrong to raise a finger at someone’s upbringing, even if their parents are alive or not, I have learnt to fight for truth, its my values. They argue.

He says Mayank said you love holi, I planned this overnight, you should enjoy this. She asks why do you worry for me, who are you, don’t make me charity case, I m not an orphan, Maasi loves me a lot, she takes care of me, she can do anything for me, she will do whatever is needed. She cries. Mayank spikes a drink. Dadi blesses Raj. Maasi says Ishqi is lucky that her engagement is happening like this. Sarla says yes, she is lucky, but Sonu is most lucky to get a guy like Raj. Dadi says right, I wish Lord keeps all jodis happy, Mayank is a nice guy, its hard to find guys like him. Mayank sees Sonu and says I will settle scores with you,you rejected me, Raj punched me, now I will see how Sarla makes you bahu. Sarla talks to Maasi. Maasi says Ishqi lost her parents in childhood, she knows the value of a family. Chachi says we didn’t know about this. Maasi says her only dream is to get a big family and love. Sarla says it can become Suman’s nightmare, she can’t lose her son, look at Mayank, he has become a wife’s puppet, poor Mayank, can’t Ishqi do this. Suman says its Mayank’s surprise, let him work. Sarla says Sonu, don’t make Raj do any work.

Raj says I will do such work for my Sonu. Maasi asks Ishqi to take the drinks. Mayank says we will do this together. Kartik asks them to do the tilak. Sonu says I will call Ahaan. She applies colours to Raj and runs. Raj catches her and smears the colours. Mayank says Sonu, I will apply colours to Ishqi first. Ishqi smiles. He applies her colours. Ahaan comes. Ishqi doesn’t feel any love for Mayank. Mayank gets thandai. Kartik says yes, but after applying colours to Ahaan. Ishqi says Mr. black and white, do you take thandai. Suman takes the glass. Mayank says this one has sugar. Kartik asks her to have it, there is a rule for thandai, no colour, no thandai. Ishqi says holi is to celebrate with family. Mayank gives the drinks to Sonu and Raj. Ahaan takes the glass and drinks. Ishqi jokes on Ahaan. Ahaan says sorry, I feel so angry, everything can’t be about her, we talk about her every day. He goes and feels dizzy. Sarla says we will play antakshari and make a video also, Raj likes Sonu a lot, we didn’t ask Guru ji. Ginni says we are worried that coming bahu may break the house. Ishqi asks her not to worry. Sarla says yes, Suman should worry. Suman says I want Mayank and Ishqi to stay separately. Ishqi says but I will come to your house to have food.

Sarla says you want Suman to make food. Ishqi says no, I will make the food. Dadi says such a girl would break the house. Maasi says yes, one should do anything for family’s happiness. Ishqi says family is made with love and joy, what’s the need of sorrow and problems. Dadi says problems will always be there. Ishqi goes to get thandai. She gets angry thinking of her Mausa ji’s deeds. She says thank God Ahaan is not here. Kartik comes to call Ahaan. Ahaan asks him to go. He says Ishqi irritated me, my bp got high. Kartik asks him to sit, what happened to him. Ahaan says Ishq. Kartik asks did you fall in love. Ahaan says Ishqi effect. Kartik says you are high, drunk, right. Ahaan falls down. Kartik asks Ishqi to come fast, there is an emergency. Sarla says a wrong girl breaks the family. Suman says Sonu is a nice girl. Raj asks why are we discussing this. Dadi says such discussions happen before marriage. Sarla says women can make and break families, a bahu’s feet should be auspicious for the family. Ishqi goes and sees Ahaan. She recalls him taking some pill.