Ishk Par Zor Nahi 20th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Ishqi saying I have to just think of Mayank, I m worried for Ahaan more, he had to hear taunts about his mum, he would have felt so bad, I will not leave Sarla, if I say what Sonu said, then he will be more upset, I can tell this to just Mayank, but he has no time for me. She steps towards the pool. Ahaan comes. She slips in the pool. Ahaan holds her hand. They both fall into the pool. Sarla asks Raj to ask Sonu, why did she talk to Ishqi.

Raj says no one can influence my decision of marrying Sonu, listen to me, she never said she will stay nuclear, we don’t know what Ishqi said, if you felt so bad, we could discuss at home, it doesn’t look good to make it an issue. Ishqi says I will not come to your house and meet Sonu, I will not talk to her. She goes. Sarla says you guys take wives’ side before marriage. Mayank apologizes to Sarla in a sweet manner. Sarla says you are so good valued, be the same. He asks her not to worry. Sarla says why are you saying sorry when Ishqi made the mistake, will you make her say sorry. He says she will say sorry. She says she will prove that she feels it too. He touches her feet. He thinks I can do anything to make Sonu and Raj away, I will make Ishqi do it too. Ahaan comes to Dadi and asks what will we tell to Mayank now.

Chacha says we will do bidaai from farm house. Dadi says Sonu is with home breaker Ishqi, how is Suman tolerating Ishqi, she is lucky. She goes to Sonu. Ahaan says if wrong is happening with us, maybe you are only wrong. Ishqi says I m finding PG for us. Maasi says we have no support. Ishqi says Mayank and I had to marry, why are they acting like doing a favor. She argues with Maasi. Maasi says I know you aren’t a home breaker, but everyone thinks so, I got habitual to everything, nothing will get fine. Mayank comes to meet Ishqi. He says you have to apologize to Sarla, we are embarrassed. Ishqi says I m also embarrassed. Kartik asks Sonu the matter. Sonu says I m worried for Raj, his mom isn’t talking to her. He says you are ignoring the talks. She says no, don’t be enquiry commission. He says tell me, then we can help Ishqi. She says I have to talk to Raj. Dadi and Chachi come. Dadi scolds Sonu. Chachi asks Kartik to go. He refuses. Dadi says Sonu went to talk to Ishqi, we should be glad that Sarla just heard Ishqi’s talks, not Sonu’s. Kartik says it means Ishqi got in trouble because of you, you don’t care for Ishqi. Dadi says no, I worry for Sonu, none should know about you, I will not support you,

Ahaan also won’t support you, face everything alone. They go. Ahaan looks on. Sonu gets a call. She asks what, are you serious. Mayank says I have come to fulfill my promise. He shows Ishqi. She recalls Maasi asking her to go, Mayank isn’t wrong, he isn’t like her uncle, he is trying to solve the problem. Ishqi apologizes to Sarla. She asks her not to punish Sonu and family. Ahaan comes there. Ishqi bends down to touch Sarla’s feet. Ahaan comes and touches Sarla’s feet. Ishqi looks at Ahaan. Ahaan says I will apologize, I m really sorry, give another chance to my sister. Raj asks Sarla what is she doing. Sarla says elders’ feet is touched with respect. Raj says its because of your ego. He argues and asks what about our values, your ego is satisfied seeing in-laws touching feet. Ahaan says its okay, let the functions happen together. Sarla says yes. Mayank smiles. Raj asks Mayank why did you get Ishqi here, don’t you have any respect for your fiancee. Ishqi says Mayank is close to Sonu’s family, he got me here for fixing the wrong, I can’t see Sonu suffering because of my mistake. Ahaan looks on.