Ishk Par Zor Nahi 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Savitri running away and seeing her children. Ahaan hugs Sonu. Savitri says I m going, but I promise I will come back, that day I will bring out Dadi’s truth, then my children will hate you. Dadi signs her men to catch Savitri. Savitri gets kidnapped. Sonu hears about Ishqi’s arrest. Ahaan says she got arrested by her silence, she went with the police herself. Sonu asks why. Sarla stops Sonu and says stay away from Ishqi. Raj supports Sonu.

Ishqi gets Mayank’s call. Mayank says I m missing you. She asks how much did you pay that manager and waiter. He says a lot, you should have agreed to marry me, I have won. She says I have slapped you hard, right. She scolds him. He says I will see you. She cries. Ahaan sees the AC and asks why are you putting the temp at 16, you will fall sick. He recalls Ishqi. Riya says I don’t feel cold so soon, I know you are upset, Sonu got married, but not the way you wanted. Ahaan says Mayank wasn’t a perfect fiance, but he was worried for Ishqi, why did Ishqi say that Mayank spiked her drink, why would anyone do that. She says you are right. Mayank calls Ahaan and asks him to come. Ahaan says Mayank needs me, I will just come. He goes. Maasi hugs Ishqi. She says you broke your relation, why. Mayank says I had really loved Ishqi, but she broke my heart. Ahaan says nothing will happen to uncle. He thinks I hate myself and hate Ishqi.

Maasi says Mayank is a nice man, he never raised hand on you. Ishqi says he didn’t hit me, but he had given me a deep wound, its better to stay unmarried than marrying a wrong man. Maasi asks whom will you fight along. Ishqi says everyone who comes in front of me, you are with me, we will start a new life. Maasi gets a call and asks how can you make us out, you took the deposit. Ishqi asks what happened. Maasi says the house owner ousted us. Ishqi says I promise to fix everything, don’t cry. Maasi leaves.

Ahaan asks the manager not to keep Ishqi on the job. The man agrees. Kartik comes and says you want to ruin her, you know why she did this. Ahaan says she did this for me, Mayank and his dad are paying a price, now she will pay a price. Kartik says I m not happy with whatever happened with Mayank, but you are doing wrong with Ishqi, she loves you. Ahaan says love is meaningless when it breaks a family, hatred is better than that love. Kartik says she already got punished. Ahaan says her punishment should be big, she will think many times before ruining a family. Kartik asks can you sleep in peace after doing this, you don’t share your feelings, you stay in denial. Dadi hurts Savitri. She asks how dare you come in Sonu’s marriage, you will be punished. A man injects drugs to Savitri. Dadi says Savitri shouldn’t run from here, else I will not leave you.

Ishqi says I lost my job and house, it will be tough, but I will make everything again, I have no way to stop Mayank. Chachi asks Ahaan are you fine. Ahaan says Ishqi is selfish like mum, she ruined everything for her greed. Chachi says be it coin or truth, it has two sides, try to know the other side. He says I tried a lot. She says if you know you are wrong, then your heart will never forgive you. He goes.

Goon takes Savitri in the car. Kartik goes to see. Maasi comes and asks him to come with her. She thanks him for agreeing to bail Ishqi. He says don’t worry, I trust Ishqi. Ishqi comes out of the police station. Maasi says I got Kartik here for your bail, who arranged the bail. Kartik says Ahaan did. Ishqi gets Ahaan’s message. Ahaan writes tell me why you did this, I will support you if you are right. Ishqi leaves. Dadi asks where is Ahaan. Riya says I don’t know, he is worried since Ishqi’s arrest, he filed the complaint, but he isn’t happy. Dadi says leave Ishqi, plan a surprise for Ahaan. Ishqi thinks Ahaan will understand me, he will support me. Ahaan waits for her at the pool side. Riya arranges a surprise for him. Ishqi is on the way. She meets with an accident by the car in which Savitri is taken. Ahaan thinks of her. Its morning, he is still waiting for her. He thinks you didn’t come Ishqi. Dadi asks what, did she die in the accident, great. She says Savitri snatched my son, I have snatched her life. Ishqi comes there in a wounded state. Dadi sees her and asks her to leave. Ishqi says I want to meet Ahaan once. Ahaan stops Dadi. He says Ishqi, you lost the last chance. Ishqi asks him to hear her once. He says nothing is left. She says you really don’t want to know. He says truth is, I hate you Ishqi. Riya looks at him. Ahaan warns Ishqi. He goes.