Ishk Par Zor Nahi 5th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Ahaan thinking how to talk to Ishqi and apologize. Kartik and Sonu come to talk to him. They defend Ishqi. Ahaan says she could have come to tell us, she should have not made this an issue. Sonu says Ajit was going to touch Rashmi, Ishqi just held his hand, he was too drunk and fell down, I had seen it. Kartik asks why didn’t you tell that time. She says I already feel guilty, its my mistake, she was saying the truth. Kartik says you justified Ajit by commenting on Rashmi’s clothes, you blamed Rashmi and Ishqi, you name yourself society to blame the girls. Ahaan says I didn’t blame them, its called common sense to wear proper shoes, it was a Jagrata, not a cocktail party that she wears such clothes. Kartik says its her personal choice. They argue. He says girls should be careful, matter ends. Kartik says I can’t take this anymore. Ahaan says come here, we didn’t had any fight, I meant Ishqi didn’t need to create a scene, we can be modern, few things don’t change, we are girls’ family. Kartik says we should change old thinking. Dadi comes and says Ahaan is right, we are girl’s family, already one relation broke in our family. Ahaan says yes.

Chachi tells the breakfast menu. Chacha says Sarla would be making menu of drama. They talk of Sarla’s drama. Chachi says Ishqi is lucky than Sonu to get a good Saas, Mayank’s family is understanding. Dadi says thank God, Ishqi won’t come here, Ahaan’s decision is right, did Mayank get upset. Ahaan says I didn’t tell this to Mayank yet.

He asks Dadi to let it be. He convinces Dadi. Kartik and Sonu tease Ahaan about Ishqi. Maasi asks Ishqi to wear a good dress for breakfast. She gives a necklace to Ishqi. Ishqi says I want to fall in love with Mayank before marriage, I have made a list of my partner’s qualities, I will love him a lot. Ishqi makes a list. Chachi gets coffee for Ahaan. He works and writes Ishqi’s name in his diary. Ishqi thinks of Ahaan and gets angry.

He says I can’t think of her, I felt bad when she fainted, but she is fine now. He tears the page from diary. He says Kartik and Sonu shouldn’t know this. He goes to sleep. He doesn’t get sleep. Ahaan thinks to do something to get sleep. Ishqi says why didn’t Ahaan tell Mayank that marriage won’t happen at his house, I will ask him. He thinks its too late to call her, will Ishqi come tomorrow or not. Its morning, Kartik makes breakfast. Ahaan is lost. He waits for Ishqi. Kartik teases her. Dadi asks Kartik and Ahaan not to cook food in the kitchen. Kartik argues with her. Ahaan thinks will Ishqi come or not.