Ishk Par Zor Nahi 6th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kartik and Ahaan arguing about Rashmi’s incident. Ahaan says the girl who doesn’t value traditions breaks a family. He goes to call Mayank. Sonu says something is wrong. Ahaan says maybe that girl told everything to Mayank. Mayank and his mum come home. Ahaan hugs him. Ahaan asks about Ishqi. Mayank says she is at her home. Ahaan asks how is uncle. Mayank says fine. Ahaan thinks she didn’t tell him anything. He says Ishqi got late, when is she coming. Mayank says I was busy with dad, I didn’t speak to her. Ahaan says you go, I will just make an imp call and come. Mayank goes. Ahaan says why didn’t she come till now. He calls her. Ishqi is also worried. She calls Mayank and asks how is uncle. He says better, see you. She asks is there any change in marriage plan, I mean sometimes it changes due to family and friends. He asks what are you asking. Sarla comes and asks did the engagement arrangement happens.

Ishqi hears this and says it means Ahaan didn’t tell anything to Mayank. She says I don’t have to ask anything. He says come soon, I m busy. He ends call. She says I have to meet Mayank and fall in love. She repeats the love list. She says I will try once, whose face do I see when I close eyes. She gets Ahaan’s call. She answers and puts his call on hold. She answers another call and gets a job offer. She gets happy and jumps. Ahaan says she has disconnected my call. Ishqi hugs Maasi and says you will stay with me now, I will kick Sarla’s job, get ready for breakfast. Maasi says your uncle will create a drama if I m not home, you go, tell them that I will come in the engagement tomorrow.

Kartik and Bhola argue with Sarla. He says work has no gender. Sarla says I don’t talk to servants. She asks Kartik to learn it from Raj. Dadi asks Kartik not to go to the kitchen. She says women handle the kitchen in our family, its special day for us, that’s why. Kartik asks why are you justifying. Dadi asks Ahaan to come in. Ishqi comes home. Ahaan says I will just come. Ishqi talks to the auto driver. He blesses her. He says I will take a selfie with you. She asks him to take it. Ahaan says selfie with a random auto driver, she has no shame. He stops her. He says I have to give you something. She thinks he has written an apology. He says you are diabetic, you should have it written, if you faint down, the other person can know why you fainted. She says you are rude, it should be written. They argue. She says you always blame me, wow. He says I was giving a practical solution. She says if you didn’t follow me and fight, I would have not fainted, I will write your name and blame you, don’t think I m impressed, no way, you are guilty, what about that you didn’t say, rehearse with my pic and come.

She greets everyone and says I got a new job. Sarla says congrats, work sincerely. Raj gets the fruit tray. Sarla says Sonu is sharp, she has made my son a servant. She asks Raj what is he doing, Sonu has made him a waiter, she will make him wash utensils after marriage. Raj says Sonu’s fingers got burnt, I was helping her. Sarla says so what, she shouldn’t forget her values, we didn’t come here to get breakfast served with insult. Ahaan signs Sonu. Sonu takes the tray. Ishqi goes to help. She asks did you teach Raj to help others. Sarla says yes, I m the best mom. Ishqi says he is helping Sonu, I m asking what’s imp for you, values or rice. Sarla says values. Ishqi says rice is more imp, you wash the rice before cooking, you don’t do this with values. Sarla says you are saying a right. Mayank’s mum says she has said right. Ishqi says sorry, Raj is doing good, its romantic when a husband helps his wife, their love increases. Ahaan looks at her.