Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Riddhima finding a note that says this is not a prank. Vansh comes to storage room in basement and looks for something. Riddhima continues reading the note that says Vansh knows about her parents. She thinks why Vansh didn’t talk to her about it. She decides to talk to him. Kabir smiles.

Vansh takes out a box and opens it. There is a locket inside it. He looks at it and recalls Riddhima having the other half. He says if Riddhima finds out about this locket, then everything will be over. He can’t allow anyone to come between him and his love. Riddhima is thinking if Vansh knew, then he would tell. She’s confused whether Vansh knows anything. He takes the locket and puts it in his pocket. He says now no one will find out about the past. Riddhima is searching for Vansh. Lights go off. She goes in basement. Kabir says now it will be fun. She sees a shadow and walks in, but no one is there. She wonders whose shadow was it then. She finds a note there which asks whether she fully knows her husband. She wonders whether this has connection with her parents’ secret. She thinks of not asking Vansh anything about it as after long, situation has improved between them. Kabir watches and says he just needs to wait until Riddhima loses her patience.

Angre wonders who wants to create doubt in Riddhima’s mind. Ishani, Aryan, and Chanchal say she will start with new spying now. Angre says they are over thinking. Ishani says he can make them quiet, but how he will make Riddhima quiet. She will surely try to find out the secret. But if this time, she hurts Vansh, then she won’t spare her. Chanchal agrees saying this time it’s about her parents.

Riddhima is thinking those letters are trying to create difference between her and Vansh. She sees Vansh’s jacket and picks it up to put it away. Vansh sees and recalls he put the locket in that jacket’s pocket. He runs and grabs it. As Riddhima doesn’t doubt, he makes her wear the jacket and says he wants to spend romantic time with her without any disturbance. It’s been a while. He tries to take out the locket, but she goes back holding the jacket. She says she won’t let him come close that easily. He pulls her to him, sits on his knees and kisses her belly. She takes the jacket and puts over their heads. He manages to take out the locket. They were about to kiss, but he slips and they fall in the bed. She sees the locket and compares with hers. She says it’s the other part of her locket. One part remained with her and other was with her mother. How the other half of the locket is with him? He says she told him once that she only has half, so he made the other half with a jeweler as he knows how important that locket is for her. He wanted to surprise her by giving it as a gift. She hugs him and says it’s the best gift ever. He gave her childhood back. He thinks sorry, I had to lie. There was no option. You have no idea how much I love you. I cannot take risk of losing you. I cannot see you going away from me ever. She thanks him again and decides to give rest of evening to him. She asks to go out for dinner. He says sure.

It’s morning. Riddhima comes out of shower. She drops water on his face with her wet hair and smiles. He wakes up and pulls her to him. She says someone will see. He says door is locked. It’s such a beautiful morning. If he could get a kiss, then it would be perfect morning. He further says if she doesn’t give him a kiss, then he won’t leave her. She tricks him and releases herself. She goes to get ready. He makes her wear earnings, then mangalsutra. He gets a call and goes to attend it. She finds a note from her jewelry box. She quietly reads and it’s again about parent’s secret. It asks her to start from place where she grew up. She thinks this is getting complex. She thinks about the orphanage. She decides against talking to Vansh about it. Vansh’s call ends. She asks if she should make breakfast. He says ok. She leaves. Kabir grabs her hand. She asks how dare he. He brainwashes her and she is in dilemma again. She decides to solve the mystery, but without letting it affect her relationship. She thinks there is only one person who can help her.

Riddhima comes to meet a lady in her orphanage. Vansh comes behind her. She asks the lady how she came to orphanage. She wants to know about her parents. What happened, how it all happened… whatever she knows.