Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Kabir tells Anupriya that he was so desperate for her lap. All his childhood moments were snatched away from him. Anupriya says, she also went through the same. Their pain is same. Kabir says they stayed away from each other for years, they went through a lot, but not anymore. After this mission is over, they will live together. Anupriya says that is why they are doing all this, so she can live rest of her life with her real son. But he must remember, Riddhima might be thinking from heart, might be stupid, but Vansh is very smart. If they want to succeed in their mission, then they must go to phase 2 now. Kabir says he is ready, he will make such a plan that Vansh can never think about.

Vansh gives money to his employee for D’souza’s family. She was their oldest and loyal employee. They can’t blame her family for what she did. It’s their duty, they fulfill her family’s needs. Her children should finish their courses. Riddhima hears all that and thinks Vansh knows so much about his employee’s family. She did so wrong, still he’s helping her family. Anupriya thinks Vansh’s goodness won’t help him from her and Kabir. Countdown for his bad time has begun. Vansh also tells his employee to make sure there is no problem in D’souza’s last rites. Chanchal thinks when that day will come when she will also get money. Vansh looks at Riddhima, but she walks away. Vansh tells Anupriya that Riddhima is upset because she said someone from house tried to kill them, but he didn’t listen to her. Anupriya says she has a way to make Riddhima’s mood good.

Riddhima thinks Vansh knows every detail about his employees. He wants to help D’souza’s family. In this case, she might be thinking wrong that Vansh killed D’souza. But whatever wrong happened with Ragini, it’s Vansh behind that. She should focus on her death and gather proofs.

Vansh tells Anupriya that he will follow her advice. An employee brings a letter. Vansh asks him to put it on table. Anurpiya wonders what that letter on Mrs. Rai Singhania’s name is. She takes it on a side and opens it. She thinks how that’s possible. She then calls Kabir and informs him about it. The letter falls down. Anupriya hears someone coming and she walks away. Kabir thinks what Vansh is up to. This will spoil their plan. Anupriya asks him to calm down and find some solution. Chanchal sees that same letter and is upset too. Anupriya realizes letter fell down from the envelope, but she can’t find it.

Riddhima is thinking how to find out Ragini’s death truth. Someone comes and blindfolds her.

Chanchal shows letter to Aryan and says they will live rest of their lives being servants only. Dadi comes and asks what they are talking about. Chanchal says they were talking about Aryan’s business. Dadi sees Aryan hiding letter and snatches it from him. She reads it and asks where is Vansh?

Vansh brings blindfolded Riddhima to the room. Riddhima is scared. He removes the blindfold and gives her a gift. He sees she’s scared and tells her not to be scared. He realized his mistake and gives gift to her. She says he’s telling her that in future too, she will have to follow his commands like how that girl figure is dancing in the gift. She puts it back. He says it’s just a gift. There is no hidden message. He just wanted to say sorry and again apologizes to her. She looks at him. He says this is first time in his life he’s saying sorry to someone. He made a mistake of not trusting her, but now he thinks he made bigger mistake by bringing this gift. He didn’t know she would doubt his intention. He thought that gift would bring smile on her face, but maybe he just doesn’t understand her. Riddhima accepts the gift and smiles looking at it. Again something happens to her and she puts it down saying she doesn’t need it. Vansh thinks she’s strange, she just smiled and now. She was leaving, he tries to hold her hand to stop her, but instead he pulls her blouse’s string as she turns. He says he will help her. She refuses. He says he will close his eyes and asks her to turn around. She turns. He moves her hair and puts his hands on her back. She feels his touch and closes her eyes. After he’s done, he moves his hands and gets hurt. His finger is bleeding. She takes his finger in her mouth to stop the blood. Dadi, Aryan and his mother come there. Vansh asks whether all okay? Dadi says she’s upset with both of them. Aryan tells them not to be so surprised. Dadi tells Vansh that he always tells her everything, but he hid such a big thing? He says it’s not possible. She gives him the letter and asks why he didn’t tell her that Riddhima is pregnant? Riddhima is shocked. She looks at the report herself and gives surprised look to Vansh. Dadi hugs her. She says it’s a happy moment, so she’s forgiving them. She is very happy. Before Riddhima tells her anything, she tells everyone to give them privacy. Seeing Vansh and Riddhima’s reactions, Anupriya feels something is fishy.

After everyone leaves, Vansh and Riddhima tell each other how that’s possible. She says she didn’t do any test. How did this report come? He says first they will have to tell Dadi and everyone, it’s a misunderstanding. He goes out. Riddhima wonders whose report is that on Mrs. Rai Singhania name when she didn’t do any test. She sees phone number on the report and decides to call.