Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Riddhima asking Vyom to put down the gun, Vansh can’t take anyone’s life. Vyom counts down. Riddhima closes eyes and says I love you Vansh. Vansh comes and shoots at the gun held by Vyom. Vyom and Riddhima see Vansh. Vansh says you can’t kill my life. She goes to Vansh. Vyom argues and says you could take an innocent life as well, did you forget whom you burnt alive, you killed my wife and daughter, you backstabbed me, what happened. Vansh asks what nonsense is this. She says he thinks you killed his wife and daughter, tell him its a lie. Vansh says yes, I didn’t. Vyom shouts, you tell her that you burnt my house, my dreams, you ruined my family. Riddhima says tell him that you didn’t do this. Vyom says he won’t say anything.

Vansh says Riddhima, you know me, do you want an answer. She says I know, you didn’t do anything. She says I know you didn’t do this. Vyom says lie to her now. She says just tell him once that its a lie. Vansh shouts on Vyom. Vyom says this doll is of my daughter, what did you do with her, my daughter passed away, but I got the last sign, it shows your story, you went to my home and forced my wife to tell about tear of Laila, when she didn’t tell anything, you burnt my house, tell me, its the truth, you are the culprit, tell Riddhima. Vansh says yes, I came to your house, I just threatened Madhuri and Pihu and asked them for tear of Laila, when they said they don’t know anything, I left them, I didn’t even touch them. Vyom says you forced her and tortured her, my friend called me and told everything. Vansh says I didn’t hurt them, I didn’t even touch them. Vyom asks didn’t you light that candle. Vansh says yes. Vyom says you ignited my entire house. Vansh says no, Pihu asked me to light the candles, I did that and asked her to stay away, how could you think that I can harm her. Vyom says you killed her. Vansh says its a lie, I didn’t do anything to them.

Vyom says I left from there, I don’t know what happened, when you came back after years, you told me that you killed your own wife and daughter. Vyom says I lied to see guilt in your eyes, you are a good actor, you are an expert in lying. Vansh says you are lying, I didn’t do anything with Madhuri and Pihu. Riddhima says Vansh can never do this, maybe the fire caught up by Pihu dropping the candle. Vyom says I can’t trust him. Vansh says you double crossed me and took the diamond, that’s why I went there. Vyom and Vansh shoot at each other. Riddhima asks Vansh to stop. Vansh runs after Vyom. Vyom stops him and asks for the diamond. Vansh asks Riddhima not to give the diamond to Vyom. Vyom says that diamond is mine. Vansh says you love this diamond more than your wife and daughter. Vyom asks Riddhima to give the diamond, else he will shoot Vansh. Vansh kicks him. They fight. Riddhima throws the diamond in the air and shoots it. The diamond breaks into pieces. Vyom and Vansh get shocked. Vyom says you didn’t do this right, not done Vansh, I will see you. He goes. Riddhima hugs Vansh. Ishq mein marjawan…plays… Vansh scolds her. He says you think I could kill Vyom’s wife and daughter. Riddhima says no, I completely trust you. She says I just wanted your misunderstanding to get cleared.

Vansh says I told you not to interfere in my business, you know what all I did to get the diamond, you have shattered it. She says its not imp than your life, its a curse, someone’s life could have got lost today. He says you ruined my reputation today, like you did when you had hidden the six hour secret. He goes. He meets Dadi and hugs. Dadi says I m glad to see you fine. Ishani says its so good to have you back. Vansh says I think everyone isn’t happy. Dadi asks who. Vansh says I got angry on her and scolded her on her mistake when she was 8 years old, she used to hide behind the curtain. Ishani says I didn’t do this. He says I m talking about Siya, she is still hiding behind the pillar. He says Siya, you aren’t a kid now, you would know everything, if you think you are making a mistake and feel scared, remember I m with you to protect you, I m ready to bring you out of any situation, its my promise. Siya hugs him and cries. Dadi says we will together have food. Ishani says I m so hungry. She goes. Dadi asks Vansh to come. Vansh asks Riddhima not to refuse to food. Siya says I will get plate for you both. Riddhima and Vansh tell each other’s choice. Vyom recalls the diamond. He says I want tear of Laila. He gets angry. He says Riddhima, Vansh…. you think you will end that diamond and then I will also end, no, you don’t know me, I m Vyom, I will get back to you.