Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Vansh asking did you come in my office. Riddhima says no, I didn’t come there. He gets angry. He takes pillows. She asks what are you doing, I don’t understand. He says you have become an expert in lying, I don’t want to share the bed with such a person. She stops him. He says there was a time, when your fragrance were a cure for my every pain, don’t lie to me please, I know you had come to my office and then you left. She says I can explain. He says you will make another story, its not so simple, you need to trust me. He says you shouldn’t know such words, trust, you don’t know the meaning of it. She says I m not cheating you, its just that I can’t tell you anything. He says you gave the same old answer, fine, jab batana chaho, come to me.

She says don’t do this, you need to understand that this isn’t the right time, trust me once. He says you cheat me if you want, lie to me if you want, please I can’t see you crying, when I go, then think about it, whatever you are doing, is this right. He leaves. She cries and says sorry Vansh, I can’t tell you anything now, I will fix everything soon. Vansh and Riddhima stay sad. Dil ye tere bina….plays… He angrily throws the wine bottles in the pool. He goes to another room. Riddhima cries holding his shirt. Vyom takes a disguise. He says I m Harinder Pal Singh, I m the manager in this hotel, give me a call if you need any help. Aryan comes and says you should thank me for this. Vyom scolds him. Aryan says relax, enjoy the time.

Angre comes. Vyom says I m the new manager, welcome. Angre says I m Angre, Vansh’s right hand. Vyom says I know. Angre says sorry. Vyom says Aryan told me, if you need any help, just give me a call. Angre says always make yourself available, I will have much work, welcome to VR residency, I like your energy, can I know who appointed you here. Aryan says our old manager, Sharma ji recommended him, I liked his energy and hired him. Vyom says he is a good friend of mine. Angre says fine, don’t make any mistakes. He goes. Vyom takes Aryan aside. Aryan says I m tolerating this for Siya, so please….

They see Sara. Aryan says she isn’t imp, she is Riddhima’s friend Gayatri. Vyom asks him to find out about her. Aryan goes. Angre comes to Riddhima’s room. He asks Riddhima to open the door. He says please give some response, we are worried. Vansh asks Angre to go in and see if she had taken food or not. Angre asks shall I see. Vansh goes. Angre enters the room. He asks Riddhima to have food, Vansh will be fine in 1-2 days. She refuses to have food. Vansh comes and asks her to have food. She says no, Angre tell him that I don’t have a habit to have good alone. Vansh says tell her to stop this emotional blackmail. Riddhima cries. Angre asks them to sort out. He leaves. Vansh sits to feed her the food. He asks her to rest, its good for the baby’s health. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

He makes her rest. He says don’t think I wanted to kiss because you were looking pretty. He kisses her. She smiles. They have a sweet talk. He says I love you. He hugs her. She says you are kiddish, sleep. Her imagination ends. She sees him upset. She stops him. She asks can’t we get back like before, please.