Ishq Mein Marjawan: Arohi kills Deep

The episode starts with Arohi playing music and coming close to Deep. The song ang laga de re plays. Arohi gives him a drink. She drinks. Deep’s phone rings. He leaves. Deep says wait for me in my office. I am coming. Deep says in heart you can’t fool me this time Arohi. Arohi sees Deep leaving.
Netra says Tarank I have planned Deep’s death. His death will wait for him today. Someone shoots towards Deep. Arohi saves him. Deep says thank you for saving my life. But why did you? She says I have my reasons like you as well. The shooter was Netra. She comes home. Arohi comes to her room. They put guns on each other. Arohi says you doing all this and blaming it on Deep. Netra says I know you want to kill Deep too but Deep has something precious to you. Netra says I can do a deal with you. Kill Deep. I will get you your precious thing. Deep has always been using. Netra shows her a video and says see what dmDeep is doing. You have to kill him to get your precious thing back.
Arohi comes home. Deep is in lounge. Arohi puts gun on Deep and shoots him. Deep says daydreaming? Netra comes there. She says Deep there’s a call for you. Netra says don’t tell anything to Deep or he will end your precious thing. Arohi says I accept your deal.
Arohi mixes something in Deep’s drink. Deep comes in. Arohi says you left me alone and didn’t even come back? She gives him drink. He says let’s drink from each other’s hands. Arohi says as you wish. they both make each other drink. Ranbir and Netra are seeing on camera. Arohi laughs. Arohi says I loved you. Even after you killed my family. Deep says you can’t do this. You loved me. Arohi says I did. Deep faints. Arohi holds him. Deep says Arohi. He is losing breath. Deep faints. Arohi says Deep. What did you do. i had to take your life. I had to kill someone I loved so much. I killed you with my hands.