Iss Mod Se Jaate Hai 10th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Nutan telling Paragi that their ancestral necklace is not on her neck. Paragi says it was here, might have fallen down during dance. Sushma says we will search it. They couldn’t find the necklace. Nutan says we have to check everyone. Sushma says everyone is our family and relatives. Nutan says it is our family’s necklace and our emotions are attached with it. Paragi asks her to check and says if necklace is not found, then my family will be blamed. Pramod asks Paragi’s family to stand in a line. Nutan asks Paragi what is in Aditi’s bag which is sparkling? She checks her bag and couldn’t find the necklace. Kinkar says we are not thieves. Parashar asks him to be quiet. Pramod says checking is not yet over. He is about to check Parashar, when Sanjay tells that necklace is with him. He says I thought to make it interesting and that’s why Abhay and I made this plan. He asks everyone to relax and says necklace is with me. Aditi thinks necklace is tied to my leg, why Sanjay is saying this. Sanjay apologizes to Parashar family and Aditi. Nutan asks Sanjay to bring the necklace. Sushma says it is with me, its hook was loose, so I kept it. Nutan says bring it, Paragi shall wear it during engagement. Vinod tells that we will get it repaired with our jeweller else it might lose it. Sushma comes to Sanjay and asks why did he do this prank? He tells that it was not prank, and tells that it was really stolen. Sushma says from where to get this necklace. Sanjay says we shall get the same necklace made. Abhay hears them and thinks where did the necklace go?

Aditi comes out of Pathak house, and meet Mayank and Gulshan. Gulshan scolds Aditi and says you are dancing in others’ baraat and says Paragi is mine. Mayank asks him to think about himself. He asks Aditi about the arrangements of money. Aditi gives the necklace to Mayank. Baby is coming out to keep eye on Aditi. Mayank tells Gulshan that he can hide for 2 more months. Gulshan says he can’t let Paragi marry Sanjay. Shiva sees Mayank and Gulshan with Aditi and thinks if anyone sees her. She tries to distract baby and asks the reason for her perfect figure? Baby says she is busy now. She sees Aditi and asks what is she doing here? Aditi tells that she has come out to attend a call. Baby goes. Shiva asks Aditi, why did she call Mayank and Gulshan here? She asks her to ask Gulshan to stay away from Paragi.

Parashar tells that they shall leave now. Nutan says the marriage will happen after the UPSC exam. She asks them not to meet till then. They agree. Nutan thinks Sanjay can’t bear if Paragi goes ahead of him. Later Romi brings Paragi to Sanjay’s bookstore. Paragi says I have to study. Romi says I will leave. Sanjay says your fiancé will drop you home. Paragi says we have to focus on the exam. He says we shall study together as our goals are same. He asks if I can’t study with my would be wife. He says we will have candle light study. Paragi says Bua ji’s words will be insulted. Sanjay says we will seriously study, and says the girl I loved is slow in romance. She tells that once the exams are over, she will show her romance speed. He asks her to tell again. She says lets study. They sit to study, have snacks etc. Nutan asks Abhay to call Sanjay. Abhay says Sanjay went to his friend’s house to study. Nutan thinks if he went to Paragi and gets angry. Paragi climbs on the table to get the book. She falls. Sanjay holds her. Nutan comes there with Pramod and looks at them. She scolds Paragi for not keeping her words. Paragi says we were really studying. Nutan asks Pramod to call her Tawo ji and Tai ji home and asks Sanjay and Paragi to come home. She scolds them at home, and tells Paragi that she didn’t keep her Bua saas’s words. Paragi says we were just studying, I agree that we should have kept the words. Pramod says by lighting candle lights. Paragi says there was books too. She says we were focused on studies. Nutan taunts her. Sanjay says we have exam after 2 days, and asks her not to scold her. He says it was my plan to study together and not of Paragi. Paragi says we were just studying. Chanda slaps Paragi.

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