Iss Mod Se Jaate Hai 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Sanjay introducing Paragi to Nutan. Vinod asks Paragi to take Bua ji’s blessings. Paragi apologizes to Bua ji for answering her. Sushma says we will have two IAS officers at home now. Ashi says the house charge will be in Paragi’s hands. Nutan looks on. Parashar asks Chanda to keep Paragi’s kundali ready and says Pathak Saheb will ask for her kundali. Chanda brings the kundali happily and says babaji got us rid of all the dosh. Sushma tells Paragi that Bua ji takes the test of every bahu in the house. Nutan asks Paragi to pick thing instantly in one second, from the plate. Sanjay says this game is exciting. Sushma asks Paragi not to worry. Sanjay says Paragi is always super ready. Nutan lifts the cloth. Paragi picks the pen kept on the plate. Nutan says I understood what is your priority. She says if you had picked it carefully.

She says she has proved that her education comes first and has the first priority. She says if her priority is education, then how she will handle her home. Paragi says why girl is asked to choose always? She says why there is only one option for the girl. She says the mind will be used in education and the relation will be fulfilled by heart. She says I have selected pen as I knew that I will get all of your support. Sanjay claps for her. Paragi smiles. Sushma tells Nutan that Paragi is perfect for Sanju, she has perfect thoughts. Nutan thinks it seems she will leave Sanju behind soon, and thinks when wife is ahead of husband, then the relations break. Chanda is happy that Paragi agreed for marriage and takes off the evil sight from her. Shiva asks about the bangles in her hands. Chanda taunts her for trapping a rich guy. Paragi says I agreed to marry Sanjay, seeing our aim same. Chanda asks her to continue to wear the bangles and asks if she is fine? Paragi says she is unwell. Chanda asks her to go and rest. She asks Shiva to do the work. Shiva says you was taunting her. Chanda says I will be happy if Paragi goes from here. She thinks Paragi is eclipsed and shall leave from here.

Vinod tells Sushma that everything is fine. Sushma says Sai nath’s bhajan was done, Paragi has done the rituals and even agreed for marriage. She says jiji came to bless the kids. She says they shall go tomorrow to fix Sanjay and Paragi’s marriage. Nutan asks why so soon and says it is natural for Sanju to like someone at this stage, and during this time, the family shall show maturity and understanding. She says you shall do what is right for the son, and asks them to end the alliance right here. Ashi asks if you are joking? Nutan scolds her. Sushma asks what is the matter? Vinod says they have done aarti together and seek God’s blessings. Sushma says that doesn’t mean that your mannat is done, and asks him not to bring God in the matter, and asks him to think like a father. She says this marriage shall not happen.

Vinod says jiji. Nutan says I have fixed Sanju’s marriage. She tells Sanju that his future is her top most priority. She says what do you think, why I came suddenly? She says I wanted to give this important good news to you, and wanted to tell you that I have fixed your alliance. She says you are a diamond and I have chosen a good family for you and sarvagun sampan bahu for you. She says a smart and complete girl will become your wife. Sanju says you have already done so much without asking me. I can’t marry anyone else except Paragi. He says our relationship is not time pass, I love her a lot. Nutan says this marriage can’t happen, I have thought, you wanted to spend life with someone you love and says I am sure the girl whom I have chosen is like her. She says I am telling you that you will fall in love with this girl, who is extremely beautiful. Sanjay says what do you think that I will fall instantly as she is beautiful. He says my love is not to show off and says you have taken my life’s decision without asking me. He says I have given commitment to Paragi infront of everyone and asks if it is nothing. Sushma says we have made her wear shagun bangles also. Nutan says my words are like the line on the stone and asks what about it? She asks what is more precious, my words or your bangles. She says Sanju will marry where I want.

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