Kaamna 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Swati asks why is she not understanding as Manav is tell the truth, Akanksha questions what has she asked that is so wrong, she explains they all are just acting as if they care because she has given seven years of her life to both yatho and Manav and she can herself ask if she has left any stone un turned in caring for them but she just wants to spend the last days of her life as the wife of the person she loved, she also exclaims that she would not spend any more time in this house and she will be the only one to fulfill her last rituals.

Yatharth hug Sakshi while crying, he asks her to see how is Akanksha talking since she wants to ruin their house and he wants to talk with her, Sakshi thinks Yatho has once again started stammering but she will not let it happen again, she kneels down informing Yatho that his mother is not wrong since she is the first love of Manav so what is wrong if she wants to fulfill her promises. she assures of talking with Manav, Yatho asks if she is not angry with Akanksha when Sakshi exclaims, they cannot call themselves as a human if they do not care for others, yatho mentions he is glad to have her as a teacher and mother since she is really nice, she hugging him explains even she is glad to have Yatho as a son and student.

Manav is sitting when Sakshi exclaims, she wants to talk with him, he asks if it is relating to Akanksha so Sakshi says she wants to talk about them all, as she feels they are not setting a good example for yatho and Akanksha is the mother of yatho so what is wrong if they are able to fulfill her last desire. Manav replies he is not of those people who make a promise to one while accept the request of another, Sakshi says that she understands his point of view but cannot do it when Sakshi replies they must do it for Yatho. Manav explains that if this is what she wants then he is going to agree, he feels that Sakshi and Yatho are the most important in his life so for them he will marry Akanksha. Sakshi agrees saying she would take Akanksha to the house of Niharika and he came there tomorrow to fulfill the wedding rituals.

Yatharth asks the worker if he is also going to set the lights in the Mandir, Niharika comes asking if his mother is not ready so she says she is going to go and call the Pandit jee. Akanksha is sitting while Sakshi is helping her get ready for the wedding, Akanksha thanks Sakshi for all the help as she gave such a big sacrifice for her when Sakshi replies she can do anything for her smile. Sakshi leaves so Akanksha praises herself.

Yatharth is sitting when the worker leaves, the curtains get on fire because of a short circuit so Yatho is trapped inside. He cries for help hearing which both Akanksha and Sakshi reach the spot, Akanksha starts calling for help but Sakshi herself jumps through the fire to reach yatho, Akanksha is stunned seeing this and not able to do anything meanwhile Skahsi manages to bring yatho out, she tries her best to wake him up but he is just unconscious. Manav also reaches, Niharika apologizes to him for what happened, revealing she doesnot know how the curtains caught fire. Manav demands water which he sprinkles on yatho who finally start coughing. He sits up seeing which Mr Holkar is also relieved, they all are sitting there. Yatho sees Akanksha and recalls how she promised to come and help him, he thanks her for saving his life, he goes to Sakshi and Manav seeing which Akanksha starts crying.

Sakshi asks Manav to call the doctor as she might get ill, Akanksha mentions that nothing has happened to her, she lied to them all about cancer, it was all fake including the vomiting and the reports of the doctor, Manav asks what did she say, she replies that she did this drama to marry him and for her own personal gains as she spend her entire life just caring for her own self. Akanksha exclaims that the relationship of a mother is really pure but she also poisoned it. Swati going to Akanksha starts slapping her, she exclaims Akanksha has reached a new low, she holds her hand to apologize on behalf of Akanksha, she herself apologizes to yatho mentioning she is not worthy to be called his mother as Sakshi is the one who saved him by risking her own life, she without thinking about anything jumped in the fire. She once again wishes a very happy married life to Manav but he in anger just warns her to shutup as she doesnot know anything about happy relationships. Manav mentions he loved her as he felt she was a nice woman who would take care of his family, she doesnot know how much they loved her but she just doesnot see anything in front of her Kamna. She left seeing the wealth of Vibhav because he thought Akanksha would not be able to live without fulfilling her dreams. He exclaims the fake act which she did today after this Bhagwan would not forgive her.

Manav says that Sakshi taught him what real love means, she knows how a child feels if one of his parents is about to leave. She cannot comprehend the mental state which Yatho was iin the past few days. He orders Akanksha to leave their house and family, Swati once again apologizes to them all before taking Akanksha away, she turns back explaining she is not worthy of forgiveness but they should all forgive her if it is possible.

Sakshi and Manav are both getting married, they make each other wear the Malla. Manav applies the Sindoor in her Mang before finally making her wear the Mangal Sutur. Mr Holkar wishes them along with Niharika including Yatho, Sakshi asks him about the spelling of congratulations hearing which they all start laughing.

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