Kaamna 6th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Manav tries to refuse the gifts but Vibhav explains Manav already knows that no guests leave empty handed from his house, and now they are even friends but he knows Manav doesnot like gifts but these gifts are being given by his friend, so if he refuses then he will realize Manav doesnot accept their friendship, he picking the first exclaims that this heavy gift is for the little man, Manav asks Yatho to thank him, Vibhav exclaims a single thankyou is not enough as he must promise to always come here whenever he desires to watch a movie.

Vibhav picks the second gift, he presents it to Manav mentioning he must not question his intention as this time his intention is clear, Vibhav explains he is a government officer and if he is able to use it for the betterment of the government, they all start laughing when Vibhav once again insists, Akanksha also asks him to take the gift, Manav thanks Vibhav.

He turns and gives another gift to Yatharth then takes out the jewellery box for Akanksha, she looks to Manav who seems restless when Vibhav explains that this contains the ear rings which he gave her when she won the competition and Manav returned but he had to somehow give it back to her since she deserves it, Akanksha opens it when he says that he even placed a matching necklace with it, Vibhav exclaims that he should wear it, when even Yatharth asks her so she leaves, Yatho places his gifts when Manav exclaims they will open them in their house, Vibhav replies that he is a child so would be eager, Vibhav starts looking at Akanksha thinking she is looking really beautiful so he feels that Bhagwan would have made her with all the time and no one can be more beautiful then her, he is just wondering then why did he get her married to someone like Manav, as she deserves someone really better then Manav, he is constantly looking at her. Manav sees that Vibhav is just staring at Akanksha, he recalls the dinner when Vibhav was constantly trying to say that she is a really beautiful women and he is extremely lucky, Manav starts feeling a little awkward and wonders if he was thinking wrong that Vibhav is not after him but his wife, Manav stands in front of Vibhav who gets stunned seeing how angry he is, Vibhav asks if he saw how beautiful Akanksha is looking in that necklace, Manav mentions he saw the necklace and also how he was looking at her, Manav explains his every step reveals why he is such a successful businessman, they should see the gifts as one can not even give them back, Manav once again calls him Mr Kapoor, Vibhav says he should call him Vibhav but Manav replies that this is a matter of the opinion and he feels they can be a burden on him, Manav exclaims they should leave as it is getting really late but Vibhav insists that they stay for a little longer, Manav explains he will get late for his office and knows that even Vibhav would be really busy, he is forced to agree to Manav request, Vibhav once again offers Manav the tab explaining he was about to forget it. Manav hesitantly takes it, he once again turns before leaving looking at Vibhav with immense anger and after he leaves Vibhav wonders what has gotten into him.

Akanksha and Yatharth are watching the photos which they took in the house of Vibhav Kapoor, Yatho also shows one of the photos which he took with Vibhav Kapoor in which he was making really funny faces, Yatho explains that there were a lot of photos of Akanksha in the house and one of them was even in the bed room, Manav gets stunned hearing this, so questions if he saw the photo in the bedroom, Yatho replies he saw it while coming back from the bathroom, Akanksha insists that it would be the same photo, Ranay reveals that Yatho is right as there was another photo because Vibhav has asked for some options for the stand, Akanksha exclaims Vibhav does it with immense dedication. Manav is forced to think about it, Ranay feels he has gotten suspicious.

Manav sitting in the room is thinking about all the past events when there were misunderstandings between him and Akanksha, he wonders how did he miss the bad thought of Vibhav kapoor as he was coming after Akanksha, he is constantly thinking about it when Akanksha coming exclaims how beautiful the night was since there is not another host like Vibhav kapoor, she mentions even Yatharth liked the event even when he doesnot prefer going there, she says why was he refusing to take the gift as he should not have argued about, she questions why is he quiet but Manav says she must sleep.

Akanksha insists on asking as he is really quiet and did not even crack a joke, she questions what has happened, he replies she was right as Vibhav is not trying to bribe him but he is running after her, Akanksha exclaims if he has gotten mad, she asks what does he mean, he explains he is not sure but has seen how he was looking at her, she questions what does he mean, Manav explains he has a bad eye on her, all the modelling and events are the plan, he was seeing her when Akanksha says he would look at her if he is talking, she once again says that she found him professional when Manav mentions he saw the way Vibhav was looking at her, she asks what does he mean, he explains he sees her the same way and now this all is making sense, the Christmas speech and deal of the bungalow, Akanksha replies that she meets a lot of people like him, Manchanda and Khushal in Indore, Manav exclaims he is different since he makes a lot of efforts to be near her and the point in which he had a photo of her in his bedroom.

Akanksha questions what about it when Manav asks why can she take it so lightly, Akanksha exclaims Ranay cleared it but Manav mentions that there is no point which can justify it, Manav explains no one gives such an expensive gift at the dinner when Akanksha says that this night was to celebrate her success as because of her ad they got a huge benefit, Manav tries to explain his point, but Akanksha goes to sleep exclaiming that he is the only one near her who is not happy with her success.

Vibhav is with Ranay exclaiming that he thought about the events in a different manner since that child Yatharth might cause a big blast, Ranay assures he has handled the situation so nothing wrong will happen but Vibhav replies that even Manav went from the dinner with suspicion and mistrust, when he desired that Manav should leave as a friend, Ranay questions what would they do now, Vibhav replies that have to fulfil their task so would now use a little influence and power if things are not going as they planned.