Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 20th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Anu and Yug smiling and hearing the elders talking and doing preparations for Khushi and Ankit’s lunch. Anu says Bade Papa always gets fresh things, but get things soon today else it will be late. Charu asks what’s the problem. Yug says you can check accounts well, you have knee pain also. Charu says I m fine, you think of yourself. The discussion goes on. Yug says I will go to the market. Charu says Chandru and I will go. Anu says I have hired a car and driver to pick Ankit and Khushi. Charu asks are we any king. Chandru jokes. Golu says we will go there in the car. Charu says Riddhesh’s house. Anu says I won’t come. Charu says I promised him. Sunanda says he is a prince. Charu asks what’s the use to the car. Chandru asks Charu to take some rest now, and give them money for shopping. Charu gives them money.

Chandru and Golu joke on Charu. Goli says 2000rs won’t be enough. Charu says its enough. He tells what all they are making for lunch. Golu says so many things can’t come in 2000rs. Sargam says yes, we want fresh paneer also. Neeti says we will make shahi tukda for Khushi. Sunanda says yes, Ankit is coming today, we will spend the entire day in the kitchen today. Charu says Ankit is coming, not Bakasur that you are making food for 100 people, its too much. Sunanda says my mum had made Chappan bhog for him. Charu says your uncle has a big field and four cows, you had everything for free. Anu laughs. Charu and Sunanda argue. Sargam asks Divya to stop them. They all ask for more money. Charu says fine, how much. Goli says 6000rs. Charu says one month ration comes in 6000rs, fine, take it and give it away. He gives the money and cries. Everyone smiles.

Charu asks Chandru to give the bag, its a big amount. Golu asks for money. He says Ankit said he wants to eat Rabdi whenever he comes. Charu says don’t take Ankit’s name, we know who loves Rabdi. Golu says I left eating food, I m eating food just to help the sweet shop seller, his children are getting educated. Charu gives him money. He asks them to bargain well nd buy the stuff. Goli gives the list of things. Anu says we will have to pay for the car in the evening, how shall I go empty handed to Khushi’s Sasural. Charu says take two kg potato. Charu gives 500rs. Anu asks for 500 rs more. Charu gives another note and holds his heart. He says no one will ask for anything now. Golu says yes, this was for Khushi and Ankit, we have to go out in the evening. Charu says yes, take this Anu. Goli says we have made a bracelet for Gungun, take this money to pay there. Anu asks what, you all got a bracelet for that girl. Charu says she has a good name, Riddhesh gave a good gift to Khushi, we can’t go there. Anu says I won’t go there. Sargam asks why, go. Golu teases him. Riddhesh calls Charu. He asks for Anu. Charu asks him to talk to Anu.

Anu takes the call and says I know you will be busy, I want a small favor, you and Gungun had an argument, I know its not your mistake. Anu says Gungun got adamant to stop Chavi, sorry. Riddhesh says she was angry and didn’t cut the cake, she came home and locked herself, she didn’t eat the food. Anu says sorry, what can I do. Riddhesh says you can help, just talk to her. Anu asks about what. Riddhesh asks can you say sorry to her. Anu says sorry, but I thought you asked me to say sorry to her. Riddhesh says I know you are not at fault, if you can still say a sorry. Anu says I would have told sorry to her if I was wrong, why shall I say sorry. Riddhesh says you know the family prestige, what would I do if Gungun creates a scene in front of the guests. Anu says you should have done this before, you should teach her the right things, sorry to say this, I don’t fake things with close people. Riddhesh says try to understand me, sometimes we have to give medicines to kids with sugar. Anu says she isn’t a kid. Riddhesh says she is a kid by heart, she is locked inthe room, did she do anything, please help me.

Gungun argues with Maya. Anu says I m leaving. He hears Gungun’s emotional talks with her mum.

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