Karn Sangini 5th February 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Urvi nursing Radha. She feeds her with love and honor.
Kasturi changes the gold coins with bronze. She couldn’t see Karn spending money recklessly.
While Kasturi is packing for Daan, Urvi discovers that Gold coins aren’t gold, but bronze. She plans to replace them. She demands stree dhan from Karn as the parting fee. Karn gives Urvi streedhan.
Urvi changes her stree dhan with daan money. She couldn’t let Kasturi put down Karn’s name in public.
Kasturi mocks Urvi. She asks Urvi about her purpose behind it. Urvi says she is Karn’s wife and has taken the responsibility of his name.
Kasturi thanks Urvi for making her the queen. Urvi realizes that she can’t leave Kasturi with Karn. Kasturi is a greedy lady, and she can’t let it happen.
Urvi barges in the ceremony where Karn is about to announce Kasturi is the queen. Urvi demands her right. Karn announces a competition between Urvi and Kasturi. Urvi and Kasturi start with cooking competition.
Precap: Urvi prepares batashe, and Kasturi cooks ladoos. Karn’s aunts disgust Urvi’s cooked food.

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