Karn Sangini 6th February 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Urvi and Kasturi are all set for the competition. As per the rules set by Karn, they will have to collect the ingredients by the housemates. Kasturi gets all the good things by all.
When Urvi’s turn comes, Karn’s aunts do not contribute anything. However, Radha gives her sugar and Karn gives her water. Karn’s aunt mocks on Urvi’s condition.
Urvi confronts Karn. She promises him to win the competition without his help.
Kasturi prepares ladoos and Urvi makes Batashe. All appreciate Urvi’s effort. Karn’s aunt takes Kasturi’s side. Karn stands in a fix and couldn’t pick the best. Kasturi plays a vile trick and defeats Urvi.
Urvi tries to speak about Kasturi’s trick, but Karn shuts her up.
Radha is worried about Urvi. She questions Karn about his intention, but Karn stays quiet.
Kasturi is sharing her victory rejoice with her father. She assumes that Karn is under her influence.
Karn finds Urvi hurt. He nurses her and teaches a valuable lesson for victory.
Karn starts another competition. He hands over 500 gold coins to Kasturi and Urvi. He asks them to use in the money in the best way possible. Karn boosts Kasturi in front of everyone. Urvi gets miffed.
Precap: Urvi is painting. Suddenly, she hears some noise and runs to chase it. A stranger spoils Urvi’s painting. The stranger is none other than Karn. Karn tells Urvi that he wants to see Kasturi as the queen.

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