Kasauti Zindagi Ki 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Kukki tells sorry to Mr. Bajaj. He tells her that she should have gone to him, he would have helped her. She wouldn’t need to stand up in front of principal then. Her friend did a mistake and now by accepting he is showing as if he’s doing a favor. Prerna asks him to calm down. He asks why she hid the truth. Next time she should not hide anything from him. She thinks she needs to tell Mr. Bajaj about 51% stakes of Bajaj City.

Anurag shows stakes transfer papers to Komolika and asks her to tell the truth. How did Basu Industry got that many stakes all of a suddenly that too without doing anything? Prerna did everything, right? Komolika is quiet. He tells her to tell this is another lie like orphanage. She didn’t have anything to do with orphanage, right? He asks her to speak up. She furiously says, yes, I did everything.

Other side, Prerna tells the truth to Mr. Bajaj. He says she practically made Mr. Basu owner. She should have talked to him at least. She says she wanted to. He says, but she thought he would say no. She still can’t see Mr. Basu losing, she still has a soft corner for him. He has seen it himself. This is what he was afraid of. Bajaj city project is slowly becoming Basu City. This is why he didn’t want her to return from London. If she thought he would be okay with Mr. Basu becoming part of this project, then she’s thinking wrong. First time he’s very disappointed with her.

Komolika says she made Prerna sign the papers because she cares about their company’s reputation. But he only cares about Prerna.

Prerna says she gave the stakes because it was Komolika’s condition. The orphanage that Anurag and Komolika own is on that same land. If she didn’t give those stakes, then Komolika would have taken away those orphans’ home from them which she didn’t want. She had promised Samidha. He says, so she gave those stakes so easily? She says she didn’t give anything to Anurag. She gave Samidha a home. She can do anything for Samidha. When she’s around, she feels like her daughter is around. For her happiness, she can do anything. She lost her daughter in one orphanage and she found Samidha in other orphanage. She gets happy seeing her, she forgets all her pain seeing her. Samidha is Sneha for her. She thought he would understand her. Everyone must be thinking this is a bad deal for her, but she got Samidha by doing this.

Komolika tells Anurag it was very difficult to make Prerna sign and that is why she sent orphanage demolish order. He has habit of losing, not her. She can’t let Prerna get what belongs to her. Not even Prerna, she can’t let him get her things either. She further tells him not to force her to show him side of Komolika that he hates. If her dark side comes out, then it won’t be good for him.

Kauushik is thinking about Kukki. He types sorry message to send to Kukki, but then deletes it. Other side, Kukki recalls Kaushik’s confession and types a message that Kaushik hurt her a lot, she started liking.. She then deletes it. Kaushik is getting restless. He calls Kukki, but she disconnects. He calls her again. This time she picks up and asks what lie he wants to tell her now? He asks if she ate. She says she is not hungry. He asks her to eat for him. She disconnects and puts her plate down. She leaves without eating.

Prerna recalls Mr. Bajaj’s words about her having soft corner for Anurag. She thinks why suddenly Anurag started feeling important to her. If after Samidha, she thinks about anyone, then it’s Anurag. Why has she started thinking so much about him? Other side, Anurag starts having hiccups. He drinks water, but hiccups don’t stop. He then calls Prerna asking if she’s thinking about him. If she is, then tell him, so his hiccups stop. She recalls Samidha also calling her and asking same question in past. She says yes. His hiccups stop. She asks why he called. It must not because of hiccups because he’s not a child like her S.. He thinks like Sneha.. means daughter just like her father. She asks again why he called. He asked her to give message to Kukki that she can go to college from tomorrow. He hangs up and wonders how Sneha must be looking. He gets happy thinking in office Prerna will be around him all the time now. Tomorrow’s day will be very special.

Next day Prerna comes to office. She tells him she gave him stakes, but still she will make all decisions. He says sure. She gets surprised as he didn’t argue despite having majority stakes. He says he accepted that she left him behind in business matters, so now all decisions will be hers. He has no doubts. She says of course, he will get profits and he doesn’t care about anything, but profits. He asks what happened to night’s soft Prerna? She left her at home? Mr. Bajaj comes there and indirectly tells Anurag that he doesn’t have any rights on Prerna. Anurag answers back saying some things are in destiny and he feels his destiny will give him those things. Both look at Prerna. Anurag asks Mr. Bajaj about meeting. He says he came to welcome him, but it seems like they will meet every day now and he hopes they don’t fight for same thing as Anurag said, not everyone has right on same thing. He leaves.

Anurag asks Prerna how’s Kukki. Did she go to college? She doesn’t answer. He tells her he’s asking nicely. She says she’s not feeling fine. She thinks Kaushik should talk to her. She leaves. Anurag calls Kaushik to office.

At home, Nivedita tells Mohini that she will see her in evening. She slips. Anupam comes and catches her. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Komolika thinks new trouble for her.

Precap: Mohini says Anupam won’t live in their house. Him and Nivedita have divorced. Anupam says they just got separated, not divorced. Komolika tells Prerna that she’s boss and she should get all the information about what’s happening in the company. Mr. Bajaj says she will be a boss after paying 200 crore rupees. They have 7 days.