Katha Ankahee 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Batman requests Robin to come, he refuses. Batman insists, claims his mother to be smart and she will help Robin. Robin wants Batman to ask his mother first. Batman will take care of it.
Katha is talking to Jeetu on the phone. Aarav tells Katha that he is unable to help Robin, he wants her to talk to him. Katha isn’t mad enough to talk to someone she doesn’t know, asks Aarav to start his breakfast. Aarav knows that Katha is unfamiliar with Robin, but he is Aarav’s friend. Katha questions since Robin hasn’t asked for help, Aarav knows but he wants to help Robin. Aarav requests. Kaha agrees, but she will not sugar coat anything, neither does she knows Robin or his friend. He can just clear Robin’s mind. Aarav leaves to inform Robin. Neerja asks if Katha will actually go or make an excuse, asks if she can actually lecture someone about love. Katha agrees, she and Robin are in a similar situation. Since Robin is so special to Aarav she has to help. Viaan has promised to her to never cross his limit, Katha will ask Robin to set some boundaries with the woman as well. Neerja tells her not to be too harsh with reality to cause Aarav and Robin to break up, deal it with love. Katha agrees, she will handle it with love and care, not make any mess with Robin.

Nivedita guides the newcomers, the senior architects are here to help them. She points out Viaan, Ehsan and Katha to be heading their projects. Viaan receives as text from Batman to be ready at six, he will be there with his mother. Viaan responds. Aarav texts Katha to meet him outside the club at six, Katha responds to his text. Vanya notices them tow texting. Viaan and Katha notice receiving text simultaneously. After the meeting, Viaan tells Katha that he was coordinating a meetup with someone. Katha tells that she was texting for same reason.

Katha comes to her office to find a holder on her desk, she opens it to find the actual sketch of the architectural building she longed desired to see. Katha is taken by blue, Viaan confirms that it’s the original piece, tells that it wasn’t bought by money. Katha asks how he got it. Viaan went to meet the architect, found the design on his corner wall. A conversation leads him to tell that designs like such deserve to be among architects who aspire to be like him. Viaan tells that here it is, Katha’s dream in her hands. Viaan tells Katha that people have disgraced dreams, the shy ones glorify broken dreams calling them impossible to chase when in reality dreams are the ones which aspire one to fight for them. If one actually strives to fulfil their dreams, they do become a reality.

Aarav packs his bag, he audio messages Robin to be ready for to meet his mother and get solution of all his problems.

Katha is leaving office, Aarav asks her to talk to Robin, he will be late to cabin. Aarav is punished for an extra one-hour class for being loud, the entire class has been punished. Katha questions, asks about the disturbance in Aarav’s phone. Aarav is talking slowly. Katha doesn’t want to meet Robin alone, what will she talk to him about. Aarav asks her to relax, according to plan she will Robin on a white bench, he will be wearing a pink shirt with blue jeans. Katha asks if he is allowed to use the phone in tuition. Aarav’s tutor calls him, he leaves.
Katha reaches the club, finds a man sitting on a white bench wearing the same attire Aarav’s described. Katha leans froward to find the man to be Viaan, she recalls the time Aarav and Viaan mentioned each other, how Aarav told her about Robin’s love and Viaan running to save the drawing Aarav made for him. Viaan feels someone standing behind him, he turns around, but Katha has already disappeared. He looks at the time, it’s 6:15 pm and both Batman and his mother haven’t arrived.

Katha is in shock, on her way back she recalls Aarav wishing for Robin’s friend to see how special he is. She remembers the time Viaan gave his hand in stapler to save Katha. Viaan honks the car, asks what Katha is doing in sports club. Katha questions, she was here to meet her friend. Viaan tells how he just felt her presence. Katha says there is nothing special about it, people get intuition when around someone for a long time. Katha takes an auto home.

Robin receives a call from Batman, he just reached home from tuition. He will come to the club with Neerja in a while. Robin asks him to wait, he left the club, he couldn’t meet Batman’s mother. Robin asks if he moved from his place. Robin left the place only once but after 6. Batman tells that his mother could have been late due to traffic or unavailability of autos, she must have left the club after not finding him in his place. Robin apologizes, Batman wanted him to meet his mother. He will get them both on a conference call. Katha enters the apartment; Aarav asks what went wrong. Katha went to the club; she didn’t find anyone there. Aarav asks why elder people don’t coordinate. He calls Robin to talk to her, she asks him to wait. Robin asks Aarav to give it some time, his mother must be tired. Aarav requests Katha to talk, there is no better advisor than her, his Robin cannot be helped otherwise. He handed her the phone. Viaan speaks form the other side, but Katha is hesitant to answer.

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