Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th February 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Kulfi trying hard to convince Sikander that Amyra will be fine soon. Sikander says he will die as Lovely is not allowing him to meet Amyra.
Lovely gets emotional talking to unconscious Amyra. She apologizes to her for doing all this to her.
Kulfi comes to Lovely and begs her to let Sikander meet Amyra. She requests her not to separate Sikander and Amyra.
Lovely keeps a condition in front of Kulfi. She says Sikander can meet Sikander only if she will go away from Sikander.
Lovely threatens Kulfi. Kulfi refuses to leave Sikander. Lovely shows her hatred towards Kulfi. She challenges Kulfi that soon Sikander will throw her out of the house.
Meanwhile, Sikander sneaks in Amyra’s ward. Lovely pushes him away. Sikander begs in front of her to let him meet Amyra.

Lovely lets Sikander meet Amyra. Amyra shows improvement when Sikander comes close to her.
Lovely stop Mohinder and Biji from meeting Amyra. She lashes out at them for showering fake love for Amyra.
Sikander sees all this. Lovely stop him from going after his family.
Lovely asks Amyra to drink the poison again if she wants to get back Sikander in her life. She teaches Amyra to blackmail Sikander.
Before Kulfi could tell anything to Sikander, Amyra’s condition worsens. Lovely shouts for doctors’ help. Sikander rushes to reach out to Amyra.
In the ward, Amyra calls Sikander. She says she will die if her Dadda will not return to her.
Precap: Lovely decides to drink poison to end her life.

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