Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Shahana telling Ranbir that he shall know about the baby’s truth. Ranbir asks her to talk to Prachi once, and says if she had told you not to tell me about this baby, then don’t tell me. But I will help you, and tell me once about the baby’s papa. I will break his legs or will fall on his feet to convince him. Shahana cries. Ranbir asks I understand why are you crying, as due to pregnancy, you are feeling extreme. He says Prachi is not pregnant and says by chance, if she gets pregnant, then? He says leave it. Shahana says I want to tell this baby’s truth to his papa, but Prachi doesn’t want me to tell him the truth. She says she thinks extreme and that’s why she don’t think that his father shall know. Ranbir asks what does she want and says if you think that his papa is not a good guy, then you can move on, but if he needs a second chance, then give him a second chance and start afresh with him. He asks her to tell what is her decision and goes.

Shahana comes to Prachi and wipes her tears. Prachi asks what happened, did anyone tell you anything? Shahana says Ranbir. Prachi says I will not leave him and is about to go out. Shahana says forgive him and tells that he is still the same, he gets happy in small things, he has same dreams even now and loves kids. She says he is so happy for me, and is ready to bend down for me, and asks her to think what he can do for her. Prachi says he called me characterless and asks if she meant what it means, and says he used to claim that he loves me, and says he couldn’t be good in the relation. Shahana says he deserves to know about the baby and asks her to tell him. Prachi says I will tell him, but come with me. Shahana says I am really happy for you. Prachi takes Shahana to Ranbir’s room and knocks on the door. She asks her to answer him, when he asks who is the baby’s father and says he will not believe me? She says he saw me with Siddharth and broke off with me. She says I will break my relation with you. Ranbir opens the door and asks if everything is fine. Prachi asks if I shall tell him. Shahana gets tensed and keeps hand on her ears. Ranbir asks are you alright? Prachi says Shahana wants to say that she can live her life and can give a good upbringing to the baby, without his father’s support. She is capable to raise her baby on her own. Shahana says I am getting sleep and goes.

Ranbir goes to the room and closes the room. Rhea smiles seeing him closing the door. Ranbir asks himself to do what she wants, and thinks may be this is love and it means pain.

Next morning, Rhea greets Pallavi happy lohri. She recalls Dida’s plan to unite Ranbir and Prachi. Aaliya asks why she is happy? Pallavi says it is her first lohri. Rhea says yes, but there is something else too. She says I was really upset when Ranbir brought Prachi back home, but later I realized that whatever he did is for the family’s respect. She says later in the night, she saw Ranbir closing the door on Prachi’s face and it is nothing less than a slap for her. Aaliya says Prachi will behave as if nothing happened? Prachi comes there. Pallavi says the lohri will be happy memory for her. Aaliya praises Pallavi for shopping so much for her only daughter in law. She asks Pallavi about their family’s customs. Prachi wishes happy lohri to Vikram and calls him Dad. She bends down to touch his feet. Pallavi looks at him angrily. Vikram wishes her happy lohri hesitantly and keeps hand on her head, blessing her for happiness. Prachi smiles. Dida smiles. Prachi comes to Dida and wishes her happy lohri. Dida blesses her. Prachi asks for Pallavi’s blessings. Vikram asks Pallavi to wish her. Pallavi says happy lohri, god bless you. Prachi then wishes Aaliya and Rhea. She sits to have food on the dining table. Ranbir also sits. Rhea asks when he will wish? Ranbir says he had a fight with someone in the night and is not in a mood to wish. Prachi recalls her fight with him. Rhea asks with whom he had fight. He says with someone dear to me, and says I don’t know if I shall give importance to her or not. Rhea says why to give importance to such person. Ranbir says you are right and apologizes to everyone. He says I will not trouble anyone for any reasons and will do whatever they want. Rhea says we all have forgiven you. Ranbir thanks her and says you are so sweet, and says I have decided to stay away from bitter people, especially today on lohri day. Rhea goes behind him and asks him to come early today. She asks him to come soon, and says she shall not call him again and again. He says I will come if you call me again and again. He says you care for me so much, I promise that I will come soon and decided not to break my promises. Prachi recalls his words. Ranbir says bye Rhea, have a good day.

Dida goes to Shahana’s room and sees her crying. She asks why you didn’t stay for breakfast. Shahana says I couldn’t see Prachi and Ranbir away from each other. Dida says where there is love, there is argument too. Shahana says they fight a lot, there is no love. Dida says they have so much love. Shahana says but they couldn’t see love between them. Dida says they will see it soon. Shahana says last night so much happened, and says there was tension and I was scared. Dida says they will get rid of hatred and fight themselves. She says Prachi is water and Ranbir is milk and says the fire is the anger between them. She says when milk boils, it falls on fire and says let it boil and set off the fire. She says they will not let anyone separate them. Shahana hugs her. Prachi comes there.

Precap: Shahana asks Prachi, why she didn’t wear the dress given by Dida. Prachi says Ranbir doesn’t like the color. She then realizes what she said. Vikram tells Pallavi that injustice has happened with Prachi in the house and not with Rhea. Rhea tells Prachi that Ranbir was hers, and will always be hers, says Kumkum bhagya was mine and will always be mine. Prachi looks on.