Kumkum Bhagya 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Written Update


goon telling everyone that they have kidnapped Mihika on Aaliya’s orders. Aaliya says I met them when I went to give them ransom for Rhea. She asks the goon to say this. Aryan signs him at the phone. The goons recall his warning that they shall tell truth to Police, else they will be arrested along with their family. The goon asks them to check the call list and tells that Aaliya had hired them for Mihika’s kidnapping and not Rhea. Ranbir thanks them and says you will be rewarded for speaking truth. He asks them to go. Aaliya says they are lying. Rhea says you have ruined everything and blames her for ruining her life. Aaliya says I haven’t kidnapped Mihika. She goes out. Rhea says you can’t go like this and goes behind her. Pallavi says Rhea is not with Aaliya in this crime. Vikram asks what do you want to tell. Aaliya says I don’t want to talk to anyone and says Pallavi and Rhea, go from here. Rhea says just I have come. She says all our plan backfired and we are trapped badly, I don’t see any way out. Aaliya says we can try one last try and says only Mihika can prove our lies, she is not here. She says we will tell that I have done Mihika’s kidnapping and did all the planning and you was unaware of my intention. She asks her to cook up a story so that she gets saved. Rhea asks are you saved? Aaliya says yes. Rhea says lets go and convince them. Vikram asks Pallavi why you are looking at Prachi this way. Pallavi says when the drama was happening in this house, she was also looking like this. She says you knew everything then why you stayed silent. She says Prachi’s mistake is equal to Aaliya and Rhea’s mistakes. Prachi says she was afraid.

Pallavi says you wanted to show that you have done a big sacrifice. She says you want to drink all poison alone like God Krishna and wanted to get appreciation from us. She says you didn’t think even once that you are risking Mihika’s life. Dida says she was silent due to Mihika only. Pallavi says she trusted Aaliya that she will not do anything, and didn’t trust us. She says I feel that Mihika has danger from you and not with Aaliya. Vikram says whatever Prachi did was right. Ranbir also defends Prachi and says you can’t appreciate her, atleast don’t criticize her. He asks what problem you have with her. Prachi says she is our mother. Ranbir says you are my baby’s mother, she shall understand. Pallavi says you always prove yourself as great and make me feel low infront of you. Dida asks Shahana to bring water and give to Pallavi. She says when I didn’t tell you the truth, then how Prachi would have done. She says if Aaliya heard us talking to you, then what she would have done with Mihika. Ranbir asks her to think that if she can do this for Rhea, then what she could do with Mihika to save herself. He says she has taken this decision for Mihika and all the family members.

Sid brings Mihika there. Prachi runs to her and asks her to sit. She asks if you are fine. Ranbir tells Sid that he has told everything to everyone. Sid hugs him and cries. Ranbir says we get some happiness easily and sometimes we have to pay the price for it. Dida asks Mihika if she is fine. Mihika says she is fine and safe at home. She cries. Pallavi asks how you are so much hurt. Rhea and Aaliya come there. Mihika is about to tell them about Aaliya, when Rhea says Buji will tell what she has done with you. She asks if Aaliya Buji’s men had beaten her. She pretends to apologize to her and says I have fought with her and she apologized to me. She says I asked her to apologize to everyone, specially you. She asks her to say. Aaliya apologizes and says I don’t have any explanation and says a person does wrong when something wrong have happened with her. She says she loves Rhea more than Aryan and couldn’t see her rights going to Prachi. She says Prachi’s baby is of Ranbir, but he is my Rhea’s husband. She says how I would bear Rhea’s sautan who was taking her place. Prachi says I wanted to get back my husband whom someone had snatched it by cheat. She says she didn’t want to take anyone’s place. She says Rhea and you knew about my pregnancy well, manipulated my report, threatened and blackmailed Sid, and called Ranbir and my baby as illegitimate. She says you couldn’t bear it. Aaliya says my Rhea was sidelined. Prachi says Rhea was never in Ranbir’s life. Pallavi says I think Aaliya did this out of desperation, as Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s child, so Aaliya wanted Rhea’s baby to get the rights, says I can totally understand this. Prachi says this is not truth, truth is that Rhea is not pregnant and she is fooling us. Ranbir looks at Sid. Sid nods his head in approval. Ranbir tells that Rhea’s report will come in 15 mins. He says he will go and bring the report. Vikram says I will also come. Aaliya says I will also come, I don’t trust that if that report is not manipulated there. She says she is worried for rhea.

Shahana taunts Aaliya and asks what is the guarantee that she will not compromise with the report. Dida and Pallavi tell that they will also go. Rhea recalls Doctor’s words. Ranbir appreciates Aryan and says how to thank you. He hugs him. He then thanks Sid and says sorry. Sid says you are making me feel as outsider. Ranbir says you are my brother and hugs him. He then tells Mihika that everyone is guilty of her and apologizes to her. Mihika says may be this was destined to unite everyone. Vikram, Pallavi and Dida go out. Aaliya is aso behind them. Rhea stops her and says don’t try to buy that doctor. He knows that I am not pregnant. Aaliya asks what to do? Rhea says I told you what not to do, and asks her to go. Pallavi calls Aaliya. Aaliya goes. Rhea thinks if you help me in this, then I will worship you and will pray for you day and night.

Prachi comes to the inhouse temple to pray. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and asks God to fulfill Prachi’s prayers for now. He says she has troubled me a lot, but you don’t trouble her, and bless her.

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