Kumkum Bhagya 5th August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Abhi scolding Pragya for not holding his hand at first and asks if she would be small if she holds his hand. He asks if this was the time to show tantrum and says your ego can’t be more than your life, you made everything as joke. Pragya thinks he saved me, though I didn’t talk to him properly and got angry on him, but then also he saved me. Nihaal thinks no wonder why Madam hates him (Abhi). And then thinks who talks to boss like this. Manager of the mechanic shop Satish Bhai (Nihaal’s brother) comes to Abhi and asks who talks to Boss like this, with attitude, if she fires you. Abhi says she will not fire me and tells that it is not attitude, but self respect. Satish asks him to keep his head low for the job. Abhi says my mood is already upset and asks him not to give lecture. His friend asks Satish not to spoil his mood. Satish says Abhi’s destiny is bad and he shall not argue with Madam, she is not less than a queen. Abhi wins the queen in the carom board and says queen will be mine only. Satish asks him to do work properly. Abhi says he will do work with his wish. Satish goes. Abhi says I will go home and sleep. His friend tells that nobody is that home. Abhi says that’s why I am going home. He jokes with Sumit and other friend. He goes inside the house and finds the electricity not there. He lies down on the bed and thinks of Pragya’s words. He hears a voice and sees someone outside the window. He holds her hand and says there is no money in piggy bank, what will you steal? Prachi shows money in her hand, which she was about to put in the piggy bank. Abhi comes out and says that’s what I thought, how did Dadi get the money, when she spends money in the medicine. He breaks the piggy bank and says if I had known that you are putting money in it, then would have not let anyone touch this money. He says I got a job and started earning, don’t need your money and says he don’t want to see her face. Prachi says I want to tell you that Rhea…Abhi asks her not to take her name with her mouth and says you always thought wrong about her. He says I don’t want to see your face and asks her to go. Prachi thinks he loves Rhea so much and hates other daughter so much. Abhi thinks Rhea was always dear to his heart and he wanted to love Prachi too, but he lost Rhea due to her, whenever I see her, I will think of all that. Prachi thinks when she met him, she thought her Papa shall be like him. Abhi wishes that he could have never met her. Prachi says I met you, but you didn’t meet me. She gets sad and is going from there. She thinks it is good that Papa started working, now he will think less and will drink less. He thinks you have seen me, now I don’t have to come secretly.

Pragya comes home. Sushma sees her and says she has been calling her for long time. Pragya tells that he is working in my office and I have signed on the contract without reading it. Sushma asks who? Pragya says Abhishek Mehra. Sushma says you can teach him and his sister a lesson, and humiliate him as they had done. Pragya says he has never humiliated me. She says she just needs some time. Sushma says I will ask Shagun to bring tea for you.

Pragya asks why do I think, which I don’t want to think if I can do the same thing with him which he did for me. Prachi comes home. Ranbir says hi and asks if she saw Chief? He asks if anyone came to know that you go to meet him secretly. Prachi hugs him and cries. Ranbir asks if he saw you and scolded you. Prachi says I am very happy today and tells that my Papa called me by my name, and called me Prachi. Ranbir asks did you talk to him, what did he say? Prachi says he was very angry with me, I wanted to tell him about Rhea, that she is married to your brother, but he didn’t listen. She tells that he is working and that’s why he will not drink now. Ranbir asks it is good. Prachi says Papa didn’t talk about Rhea, but I will talk to her about papa and everyone. She says she is my twin sister and I will take care of her and will keep her happy. She says I will keep everyone happy and united. Ranbir asks her to make him happy first and stop crying. Ranbir says your emotions are different, but tears are same, you cry when you are happy and when you are sad. Prachi hugs him.

Aaliya and Tanu come home. They see Abhi inside. Aaliya says your friend said that you are working. Tanu asks if he will get a salary. Abhi says yes. He says I have to give one lakh to Satish bhai. He says Sushma wanted me to work under Pragya so that she can scold me. Tanu says this is not Sushma’s plan, but Pragya’s plan and says she is jealous of you. Abhi says she is not jealous of you and laughs at Tanu. Aaliya says Pragya can think like this. Abhi says no, if she had thought like this, then wouldn’t have tried to fire me. He says if I had not signed the contract then would have lost the job. He says he is feeling pity on himself for bearing three people, one Pragya as an owner, Sushma aunty as a planner and Gautam Thapar as a business partner. Aaliya asks who is Gautam Thapar. Abhi says Pragya couldn’t understand her partner, he is so bad. I asked Pragya to stay away from him. Tanu asks what did she say? Abhi says she said that she might like him. He says she is not my Pragya. Tanu says you shall not work under Pragya. Abhi says I can’t steal and asks her to teach him. Aaliya says she wants to fire you to show her power. Abhi asks what to do? Aaliya asks her to wait for the right time and lower her. He says he is going out. Aaliya asks him to drink with Pragya’s name so that one day you sleep peacefully and she comes on the road.

Dida calls Ranbir and Siddharth for aarti. She calls Teji then. Everyone comes there. Dida says let’s do the aarti. She does the aarti, followed by Pallavi, Teji, Rhea-Sid, Ranbir-Prachi. Prachi asks Dadi to take her medicine. She asks Sid if he took the papers. Sid says yes. She gives aarti to everyone. Pallavi takes aarti. Prachi comes to Rhea. Rhea takes the aarti. Prachi asks her to give aarti thaali to Papa. Rhea says sure and goes. Pallavi tells Dida that she felt good as she kept puja at home. Dida says I didn’t keep, but Pragya kept it and said that God showers everyone with their blessings if puja is done. Ranbir is going out. Pallavi makes him eat curd and sugar. Prachi brings curd and sugar but stays silent seeing Pallavi making him eat. Pallavi says if Prachi had made you eat then your work will be done. Ranbir is about to tell. Prachi signs him not to say. He comes to Prachi and asks why she didn’t let him say. She asks him to go. Dida says you deserve the keys and asks her to agree.