Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Rhea recalling Prachi calling her as Ranbir’s illegal wife, and Ranbir calling Prachi as his wife. She says this thing hurts me, and says I might forgive Ranbir, but will never forgive Prachi. She says I even recall that slap and its sound echoes in my ears. She says I will call you as Ranbir’s illegal wife and I will slap you so hard without touching and the sound will be echoed in the hall. Ranbir wakes up from sleep. Dida comes there and holds him. He says you saved me. Dida hugs him for whatever he has done yesterday. Ranbir asks what did I do, that you are hugging me early morning. He sees the pot and the papers from his file burnt. He asks who had come here? dida says Prachi. She says it was judgement night and the two lovers accepted God’s wish. Ranbir asks what happened? Dida tells that Rhea, Pallavi and Aaliya was jealous and angry. Ranbir asks are you joking? Dida says Prachi and you got married yesterday. He asks what? Dida says everyone of us saw it. Ranbir says how this can happen? Dida says you both were not in your senses and did what your heart say? She says Prachi loves you a lot and you know about your heart. He tries to remember and takes out the phone from his pocket, and drops the letter on the sofa. He says he is getting late. Dida hopes Prachi remembers it.

Rhea comes home and says good morning. Pallavi asks where did you go? Dida says she must have went to temple, to apologize for her sins. Rhea tells that she had gone to temple to ask for forgiveness for Prachi’s sins, and says God said that it is a sin to destroy’s sister’s house. Prachi comes there and asks for water. Rhea tells Pallavi that she has pulled the roof and ground from her feet. Pallavi says throw her out fast. Rhea says let enjoy first. Ranbir looks at Prachi and thinks if we will stay together like a happy family again. Vikram says I am going to office. Rhea asks him to go to office late and says you will not regret. He asks if this is needed to be done infront of me. Aaliya says yes. Vikram says end the matter fast. Rhea says we have to settle the scores with her. Pallavi says let her do what she wants to. Ranbir thinks Rhea might fight with Prachi. Prachi comes there. Rhea tells Ranbir that he is common factor/matter between them, and tells that he has filled her maang with sindoor as well. Ranbir asks Prachi to go to her room and rest.

Niti brings water and gives to Prachi. Rhea asks her to have breakfast and says then you will say that you are fainting. Prachi asks what do you want to say. Rhea says about last night drama and says she needs lemon water. Ranbir thinks Prachi doesn’t remember about her feelings she shared with me. Prachi asks if you are talking about what you have done with me last night, and tells that you have stoop so low, that nobody will get you up, you made sautan word ashamed too, you took my signatures on fake guilt admittance letter, in which it was written that my marriage had never happened, and asks if your marriage is real, then why you are taking wrong means to prove it. She holds Ranbir’s hand says we were married when he was about to marry you, when we came here, we were asked to leave. She says even Ranbir was thrown out of the house, and tells Pallavi that she must have remembered how she cursed her after her marriage. She asks if all the Kohli’s are liars. She says we got rented house as we are married. She says Ranbir is not a trust worthy person, as he married you after me. She asks Ranbir if he was involved with Rhea’s plan. Ranbir asks didn’t you remember about my marriage with you last night. Prachi says I am sure that it is plan of you both, to make me drunk and then distracted me. She asks Rhea to return the papers to her, and says I remember everything that I was blackmailed in the name of Maa and Papa and made me sign. Rhea says you remember about papers, but don’t remember about the drama with Ranbir. Prachi recalls and a fb is shown. Prachi gets up from bed and finds Shahana sleeping on floor. Shahana tells about overhearing Rhea and Aaliya’s conversation, that they took her sign on Guilt admittance papers, and also on divorce papers. Prachi says they intoxicated me, when I am pregnant. Shahana says did you tell this to Rhea. She gets Sarita behen’s call and goes.

Aaliya asks Prachi if she is lying, if she is not remembering the marriage drama, or the papers. Dida says Prachi will remember if we make her remember. Aaliya says Prachi might have been drunk herself and wrote everything on the papers. Prachi says this is not truth. Aaliya says this is truth as Rhea was with me and Pallavi. Pallavi says Rhea didn’t give any drink to Prachi. Prachi says so you was also involved with Rhea in her plan.

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