Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Aaliya coming to Kohli Mansion. Pallavi asks why did you come here? Dida says if you had forgotten something then you would have called, we would have send it. Vikram says we clearly said that there is no place for you, in our house. Aaliya says you had said, but didn’t ask me to come for any reasons. She says I have brought your invitation card so that I can give you another invitation card, and says you all are going to the prison. Pallavi says there is no question of sending you invitation card, we can’t stand you, and don’t want to have any relations with you. Vikram says you shouldn’t have get this card forcibly. Dida asks will you send us to jail as we didn’t call you. Aaliya laughs and says do you think I will feel bad as you didn’t call me for this boring party,where there is no guest. Dida says party time is of 9 pm, you would have read. Aaliya says my mistake and says read the paper which I will give, but time is not written in it, your bad time will be written by me. Vikram requests her to leave. Aaliya says I don’t like your way, isn’t it strange that Ranbir and Prachi’s name is written in the card. Ranbir says we are married and she is my wife. Aaliya says lets find out, whose name shall be on the car. She calls the lawyer Mr. Manish. Manish comes there and tells that her client Rhea Kohli filed case against Ranbir, that he married Prachi after marrying her, and this way he betrayed her, this is the clear case of bigamy, and says it is illegal to have another wife being already married. Vikram says what do you mean? Pallavi says Ranbir is married to Prachi. Aaliya asks her to prove in court, but don’t lie as if Judge’s mood gets bad then you all will go to jail. She says I have submitted Rhea and Ranbir’s photo where you all are standing behind them. Dida says why you can’t see Ranbir and Prachi happy. Aaliya says why you can’t see Rhea happy. She says case is filed and what charges will be levied on you, what could be the punishment and how I will prove that you all are fraud and betrayals. Mr. manish says this is not the first case. He says in court, it is proved that second marriage is illegal. He tells about the cases where the guy is punished. Ranbir tells the lawyer that his marriage with Rhea is not valid, as Prachi and him were separated then and not divorced. Aaliya says if I say that you had told us that you both were divorced. She says I can prove everything in court, and says if you want to lose the case then you are most welcome, else give what belongs to whom. Vikram asks forget about it and says Ranbir is never of Rhea and she also knew it. Aaliya says feelings don’t work in court. Pallavi tries to say. Aaliya says she don’t have time to talk to her and asks her to come to court. Mr. Manish gives the court notice and says if they don’t come then can be charged for it too. He asks them to enjoy the party. Aaliya asks him to come day after tomorrow. Vikram asks Pallavi to cancel the party. Aaliya comes out, recalls Pallavi asking her to leave. She gives money to the lawyer, and tells that she will make the house falls like deck of cards.

Ranbir wakes up and comes to Prachi. He hugs her. She asks why did you wake up so soon, why you are worried. Ranbir says we have to go to court tomorrow because of me and all our family will have to go. Prachi says nothing will happen. She says Aaliya buji have said this, and says it is not done by Rhea. She says if Rhea has done this, then I will request her to take back the complaint. She says I feel that Rhea might change. Ranbir says I will come with you, and will not let you go alone. She says ok.

Aaliya comes to Rhea and asks what you are thinking? She asks if you are thinking about Rhea. Rhea is teary eyes and says I was wrong, I could be a good sister and girl friend. Aaliya asks her to go to office and sign some papers, don’t ask questions. She says she will call the driver. Pallavi comes to the temple and asks Dida to pray for their house. She says we have thrown Rhea and Aaliya out, but still they are behind her children. Dida says they have accused us with such accusations. Pallavi asks God to save their respect. Aaliya gets lawyer’s call. She tells that she didn’t tell the date to Rhea and will tell her. Door bell rings. Aaliya opens the door.

She sees Prachi and Ranbir standing on the door, and says what a surprise, why did you come? Ranbir says they have come to meet her. Aaliya asks why you want to meet her, why you didn’t come when she left home etc. Ranbir says you are wasting my time. Aaliya tries to stop him. Ranbir says you came to my house and spoiled it. Aaliya asks Prachi if she taught him this. Prachi says I came to meet my sister and not you. Ranbir checks inside. Aaliya says what do you think that she is broken and crying, and says she has handled herself and has gone to office. Ranbir asks Prachi to come. Aaliya asks what you want to talk to her. Ranbir says we want her to take back the case and goes. Aaliya says they are getting trapped by me.

Rhea is in the office and hears Ranbir calling her. She cries and says she is imagining him though he is not here. She says I couldn’t talk to you, but will remember your words, I dreamt something else, I am the first girl who ruined everything. She says I lost everything while trying to get everything. She coughs. Aaliya calls Goon and asks if he knows what to do, as Prachi and Ranbir left for there. He says I know, I will send them to Renovation area. Aaliya ends the call and says she knew they will come to ask Rhea to take back the case. She says this plan is small part of her plan, she didn’t leave any way of escape. She says you will ask my men, where is Rhea? My men will send you to wrong place, and you will come to the under construction area and every part will fall on you and all the building. She says it is a murder, but people will think that it is an accident. She says you want to throw Rhea out of the house, but I will send you out of this world.

Rhea coughs and comes out of the cabin. She takes Prachi’s name. Ranbir and Prachi come to the office. Prachi calls Rhea and asks where are you? She says you have sent legal notice through Buji’s hand, and that’s why we have come to talk to you. Rhea is shocked and asks what are you saying. She says I didn’t send you any notice. Prachi couldn’t hear her. Rhea continues to say that she didn’t send notice. She goes to other side. Prachi says she can hear her. Rhea asks her to come to Aaliya cabin, she is there. Ranbir and Prachi ask Aaliya’s goons about her cabin. The goon sends them to construction site. Aaliya asks my men didn’t call yet. Rhea calls Aaliya and asks why she took legal notice for Ranbir and asks how dare you, why did you lie that I have filed the case. Aaliya says you are insulted, and you are showing me attitude. She says not only Ranbir, but that house is snatched from you. Rhea cuts the call. Aaliya calls and asks how dare you. Rhea says Prachi is coming, I will tell her everything. Aaliya says you will never meet her. Rhea asks what do you mean? Aaliya ends the call and says I have done the arrangements.

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