Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Varun and Kavya once again sit down while Nidhi along with her friend Arohi also sit there, Bani Dadi mentions now the game will start once again so she starts the music, they all start passing the cushion and it finally stops at Karan before he can pass it to Mahesh, he says he is not playing so is leaving but Mahesh forces him to sit back, they all ask him to dance but he says he neither knows how to sing or dance. Shaurya says he is The Karan Luthra so must dance and sing, Bani Dadi explains that she has also not heard him sing for so long, Karan replies she is talking as if he is not a cricketer but some singer, he apologizes saying this is why he never wanted to play this game, Kavya requests him to song for her, Karan is forced to sit back down and explains he can do anything for her, he asks the song when they say he can sing whatever song he likes, karan starts singing it, everyone enjoys when he closes his eyes only to think as if he is dancing with Preeta. They both are really enjoying their time with each other. Preeta finally rests her head against Karan which he enjoys a lot. He feels as if he is still with Preeta and enjoying dancing with her. The entire family is hearing the song by Karan while he has still not opened his eyes but just signing, he is amazed after opening it but feels shocked that Preeta is not by his side, they all start clapping for him when he feels a bit shy, Kavya rushes to hug him when he thanks her exclaiming he really loves her, seeing this Kavya gets really jealous.

The game once again starts, Kritika teases Rajveer before giving the cushion and they all are enjoying a lot, Karan manages to push it over to Mahesh, and it finally stops at Rajveer who is shocked. Kritika exclaims that he got trapped, Rajveer asks what would he have to do, they all say he must dance but Shaurya says they are going to arm wrestle, Sandy teases Rajveer when Shaurya starts taking off his rings, the workers place the table so both Rajveer and Shaurya stand in front of each other when Rajveer signals if they should start the arm wrestle. They both lock their hands together, Karan is quietly staring at them both, Rajveer and Shaurya start the arm wrestle, they both are exerting their immense force when Rajveer thinks that he is the elder brother so would lose otherwise Shaurya would never have enough of it Shaurya says Rajveer would not be able to win from, he replies they will see to it, Rajveer starts exerting his force and manages to defeat Shaurya seeing which Nidhi gets furious, but the rest of them start clapping for Rajveer who is smiling. Shaurya stands back up and does not know how to react, he leaves from there, Sandy follows him. Karan is a bit worried. Karina wonders what has gotten into Shaurya she exclaims if Preeta was present here then would have taught him to take it all like a game and not be so serious, Nidhi also leaves.

Nidhi goes into the kitchen, asking Garesh to take the snacks when he replies Rajveer sir took it, she says then he must take the juice, Garesh replies Rajveer sir also took it, Nidhi mentions he must also give his job to him. Arohi asks garesh to go and check in the make shift kitchen if the dinner is ready. Arohi questions why did Nidhi come back, she replies they must look at the ladies from the Luthra family who are always worried about Preeta when she has just lived with them for four or five years while she has given twenty years of her life. Garesh comes asking Nidhi to come since two men have arrived and Karan sir is asking for her, she asks him to leave . Arohi asks who are these men when Nidhi replies they are those because of whom Preeta would be forced to leave before entering this house.

Gurpreet is sitting when Palki comes greeting her explaining that she was told that Gurpreet has a headache, when she asks if Palki brought the medicine for her but Palki says she has come to meet Preeta, Gurpreet says that Preeta is in her room while she would go and check on Mohit since he went to bring some vegetables from the market, Mohit enters asking Palki what is she doing here, she says that she just wanted to ask him something about Rajveer and explains that she knows something is very wrong. Mohit remembers how Rajveer informed him that Karan Luthra is also his father when he tells Palki that Rajveer would be getting a good salary package, Palki replies Rajveer is not like it, she gets tensed and tells Mohit that Gurpreet aunt was looking for him so he leaves. Palki greets Preeta asking where is Rajveer since he did not come back till now, Preeta gets very excited so she rushes to bring the mobile and then shows Palki that Rajveer has gone to the function of Shaurya’s sister. Palki leaves wondering why did Rajveer go to the Luthra’s when he hates them so much so she leaves, Preeta also closes the windows when she feels the strong winds.

Nidhi is walking when Shaurya comes to her explaining that the men have arrived, Nidhi informs they came after a lot of difficulty as they had to surly take the revenge of Shaurya tonight. Nidhi and Shaurya walk out when Shaurya says it seems both his father and Grandfather are furious with her, Nidhi apologizes to both of the men. Karan asks her to come on the side and questions why did she call them today, she apologizes explaining she thought she had to leave tomorrow for Bangalore but her flight is after one day. Karan replies this is not the way to work. Nidhi mentions she will personally apologize and so asks the both to come tomorrow but Rakhi says she must complete the work now that they both have arrived. Nidhi requests Rajveer to help her and bring the money from the safe saying he already knows the code, Rajveer leaves.

Rajveer is walking towards the room when Shaurya is following him, Rajveer feels as if he is being followed but then enters the room, Shaurya quietly closes the door locking Rajveer in the room.

Karan is walking while Preeta is still on the video call, she seeing him immediately starts talking with him saying how Rajveer left after turning on the video call and has still not returned, she feels as if Karan is coming towards her but he goes to pick the gift, she feels embarrassed as she thought he was looking at her, Karan is very worried after picking the gift, Preeta starts staring at him wondering why does she feel that she knows him.

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