Kundali Bhagya 19th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Rakhi claps exclaiming they have made a fun out of the relations, karan questions what is she saying as Natasha cannot be their daughter in law, Rakhi questions who is she to say anything as they have not given her the right of a mother and he is divorcing Preeta, she is not the one saying it all but it is the news when Rakhi exclaims she doesnot know what is going on in this house because Karan and Preeta are always fighting while Mahesh jee is trapped in his own world because of his health, while Karina di and Maa jee are always looking at everyone with their own thinking, she accepts that she is the daughter in law of this house but it is not her right to take care of the relations of this house, she has two other people who have this responsibility but she feels that they do not even care, Karan is always fighting with Preeta while Rishab is not with Sherlin and so she doesnot even want to consider any duty towards herself, Rakhi exclaims she is really missing Rishab because he was the one who stood in front of every problem and took control of the business and family but when he is not present here then all the problems came, Karina gets a call from Sanjana and after listening to her call she ends it, revealing that every news channel is saying the same news.

Preeta leaves in anger while Shristhi tries to follow her but Karan stops her, he starts following Preeta and forcing her to stop, he questions why is she not listening to him because he is not wrong, Preeta replies that she was not giving any attitude but what does he think of himself, because can he explains about the article because everyone in the world found about his marriage and she doesnot know about it, she inquires if he is divorcing her when Karan replies is he mad, Preeta questions if he went to the police station when Karan says it was not that important. Preeta says he is going to base it all on that statement because of which everyone believes he is going to marry Natasha. Karan asks why does she worry for him. Preeta asks if he trusted her when she came to inform him that she tried her best to collect all the proofs and was even successful but she is not suspicious but sure that Natasha changed them to present as her own, but he refused to believe her when Karan explains she must decide if she wants to fight him for their cause or Natasha, Preeta mentions she doesnot even want to fight with him but say that the article was not right as she got married to him and their relation is for seven generations and not a little friendship, Karan gets stunned so they both are staring at each other when Preeta leaves in anger.

Sherlin is pulling Natasha while Prithvi is standing, he questions Sherlin what happened when Natasha interrupts exclaiming, she is going to tell him so starts singing, Prithvi also speaks something which she doesnot understand so he instructs her to be clearer. Natasha reveals Rakhi read a news in which it was written that Karan is going to divorce his wife Preeta Luthra and marry Natasha, Prithvi is shocked.

Preeta is walking when she is stopped by Natasha who acts as if she doesnot know anything and doesnot know how it was written in the article, Sameer also asks what did he hear because is Karan bhai really divorcing her when Preeta replies that it is not the truth and she warns Natasha to not talk like this because she will not believe her and knows the real reason Natasha came into the house, she doesnot have any time to waste on her as she has already wasted a lot of time such people. Preeta leaves when Shristhi says that Natasha doesnot even know what she has done as a lot of people have tried to ruin them but all these things have brought them closer to each other.

Sherlin panics when Prithvi questions that why is she worrying as it should be Natasha, she replies she is not scared of anyone and knows what to do as no one in this house has the idea how this news came on the channels when Sherlin questions she is asking her the same question. Natasha replies she doesnot have to answer any of her questions and doesnot even need to consult Sherlin because she is neither her slave as she did everything which they both asked her to but not anymore as they are going to see what she does, Prithvi warns her to listen and follow her advice as she must call the news channels asking them to back out from this news, because if karan finds out then he is going to get angry so she must apologize to him as then he would come after her, Natasha replies she knows how karan is going to be attracted to her, she leaves Prithvi mentioning he cannot give any advice. Prithvi turns to Sherlin questioning why is she staring at him, she replies it is because he doesnot do anything and because of him that Natasha left, she leaves mentioning he is a failed player with whom she doesnot want to be associated with anymore, Prithvi tries to stop her but she leaves.

Preeta enters the room when Shristhi and Sameer also follow her, Sameer calls her from behind, they both are really tensed when she asks why are they looking at her like this because there is little time and a lot of work, Sameer closes the door when she asks if he got the sim card and was able to arrange the costume. He asks if she is fine when she replies that she doesnot have any time to sit in the corner and cry but they only have six days to save Rishab jee. She asks him to put the sim card and call Sherlin because they have to start the plan, Shristhi questions what about Natasha and Karan, Preeta replies that she needs to first save Rishab jee as they have their whole lives to care for Natasha, she knows Natasha is playing a big game but they will take care of her later.

Natasha while walking starts thinking of what Shristhi said, she exclaims that this would be the past story but she is not going to go after karan but write her story in a way that karan will be forced to come near her as they will be in the same room, she is going to be the wife of Karan and there is nothing which anyone of them can do now.

Karan is really angry in the room exclaiming how can the reporters write that he is divorcing Preeta, he gets angry as he never saved the contact of any reporter, Natasha knocks on the door, he informs it is wrong since he cannot marry her. Natasha replies her mother is really angry with her as she doesnot want her name to be associated with him because she knows he is the husband of Preeta and how much he loves Preeta, so her mother is not talking with her and she is not at all calm, Natasha requests if he can clarify to the media that he doesnot have any relation with her when Karan informs he is going to call a press conference tomorrow when he goes to play the match so they get to know the truth, Natasha hugs him asking if she can go to her mother and inform that he is going to do a press conference, Natasha leaves the room thinking she would have to do something before the press conference tomorrow as she needs to fuel the rumor that karan is divorcing Preeta as this is the chance she gets married to karan.

Preeta exclaims this is the new phone so she asks Shristhi to answer the call, but she doesnot know when Preeta replies she is going to call her to check if the voice is changed, Shristhi assures she is not able to even recognize her voice when Preeta takes the phone to confirm so Sherlin is not even able to understand who is calling her. Shristhi mentions there is a problem as what will happen if Sherlin manages to give the money.

Natasha walking on the road is not able to get an auto, she feels as if Karan passed by her so she calls him asking if he is on road fifty-five but he replies he is in Bandra when she mentions she thought he went past her, she reveals how a car has been following her for quite some time. Karan assures it would be nothing serious but as she turns back the person is standing in front of her and he places a napkin covered in something over her mouth, she drops the purse and mobile as he drags her to his car. Karan gets really worried when she doesnot reply, he feels concerned about what might have happened to Natasha.