Kundali Bhagya 24th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Preeta assures Janki that she has changed, that too because of such tricks which she faced from these people and their behaviour and now doesnot follow those old rules, she only has a single rule that if they have made a mistake then would get punished, Janki praises Preeta to work like this, she advises her to take each and every step with immense care, Preeta gets tensed when Janki replies she doesnot mean her own family but the enemies who are staying in the house as they are always working to ruin them, Preeta replies Janki doesnot have to be worried since she is not that old Preeta who was not able to end the problems, she has a rule to give pain to those who seek it, she is now ready to battle as the Mahabharat has started in this house, and it will go on for a long time but she promises to not only fight but also win it, she is ready for every attack, now Sherlin and Prithvi have to think how to face her, before she only used to protect her family from their attacks but now will also tech them a lesson, she after laughing exclaims she is a problem for them all, they have to think how to protect themselves from her, Janki exclaims she knows Preeta is really courageous, and seeing her she also get the courage, Janki informs her to always call her if she needs any sort of help, Preeta leaves informing she knows it, Janki thinks Prithvi should know her Preeta has become a lioness, so he would not even know how she will bite him, he must know that the end of this villain is about to come.

Prithvi is walking, Sherlin tries to stop him when Natasha from behind exclaims she has a way to stop Preeta, she coming mentions that she knows how to stop Preeta from what is she is trying to steal from them, Prithvi asks if she is saying from them, Natasha replies she was brought to get close to Karan and they are going to gibe her money but now she thinks her plan is not going to work, Preeta came into this house announcing that she is the owner, and this time she also did the same, she just attacked them and even succeeded in snatching everything from them, Preeta before just had the papers but now has even taken control of the township project which was the dream of Prithvi and for which he had made so much efforts, and planning, Preeta took the entire identity and plan, Natasha exclaims Preeta was winning this game till now, because o which she was flying but now it is time to cut those small wings of her so they can bring her back to this ground, Natasha turning questions why are they looking at her like this since they do not know what Natasha can do, Prithvi informs he doesnot have time to listen to these things but wants to know how she is going to stop Preeta, Natasha replies if she decided to work like she did then can take on any number of Preeta, she is not as she seems as is street smart, they all know that such people are really dangerous, Natasha assures she is going to do something that will make Preeta lose her reputation from the family, she leaves, prithvi questions Sherlin if she knows what has Natasha planned, Sherlin refuses when Prithvi exclaims that she brought Natasha into this house on his orders and even stays with her all day, but doesnot have any idea about her plans, Sherlin questions why does he always scold her, prithvi leaves in anger.

Sameer is standing alone in the party, karan coming questions what has happened, Sameer informs that Shristhi is still mad about their fight which happened two years ago and is not talking to him, Karan says then he should also get mad but Sameer refuses, karan questions if he wants to battle with her, Sameer refuses, Karan once again asks but this time says if he wants to love her, Sameer gets confused so at first refuses but then smiling agrees, he even requests Karan to help him get back with Shristhi, karan refuses explaining that the matters pertaining to love are solved through the heart and he must solve the problems between him and Shristhi, karan explains he can only advise her, Karan says he must go back to Shristhi again and again, telling her that he loves her and apologizes, so she will agree, Sameer in excitement hugs Karan, who apologizes to Sameer for not standing with him in his quest for love informing it is because his story is not complicated like him and Preeta, however he assures Sameer of advising him, Sameer once again hugs karan asking if he is sure that she will accept his apology. Karan leaves while Sameer rushes to Shristhi.
Prithvi is walking when he sees Preeta coming from the other side, Prithvi exclaims that she has come back after defeating death, Preeta replies that he is right since who can challenge Bhagya, they say what is in the Kundali Bhagya cannot be changed by the one who wrote it so who is Prithvi to say it, he is neither a god nor a deity, but just an ordinary employee of her, and so did he really think he would decide when she must die. Preeta says he would be really sad to see that she is so fit and fine.

Prithvi mentions he is really happy because there is finally someone who can challenge him, Preeta questions then why he is so tensed, she questions if he got scared when Prithvi assures he is not scared of anyone, Preeta asks Prithvi to not lie as his body is showing that he is really scared, he might try to always think that he is really clever and strong but she knows his reality, how scared he is feeling and that he is hollow from the inside and is a failure, Prithvi replies this is what she thinks as then if she is so powerful then should do something, Preeta replies she wanted to throw him out of the house the very first day she came back, he questions then why did she not do this, Prithvi replies that he knows she only has the benefit after taking control over the business empire, this is the real reason, Preeta agrees mentioning there is even another reason which he was not able to reveal but she will say it, it is the face filled with the emotions of lose, she feels really calm after seeing him filled with shame, embarrassment and anger, so she has kept him in this house for her own entertainment which is why he is in this house, Prithvi says they say it is not nice to talk so much, she must say just what he can bear, Preeta replies she has no interest in talking with him, she has come to ruin his reputation and desires to the extent that he will not be able to get back up, Preeta exclaims he has really low self esteem since he sent four people after a single girl but he did not know this Preeta can take on four hundred people.

Prithvi warns Preeta to not fly so high as they never know when the weather will change so she will surely come crashing back down, Preeta replies she cannot say it about him as he has already reached the lowest level but he must prepare to lose since she has made each and every arrangement, prithvi replies he will also do the same because of what Preeta did today, she must not forget this date as he will not since she ruined the efforts which he made over a two year period, he threatens to snatch everything from her, Preeta replies there is nothing which she cannot live without, and she is not that old Preeta who cannot fight back but she is a fire, it is said one should protect themselves even after reaching the shore as they sometimes drown even after reaching the shore, she is waiting for the time when he will apologize to each and every member of the Luthra family, Preeta tries to leave in anger.

Prithvi questions if she said he would have to apologize to each and every member of the Luthra family, he coming to her questions why did she think about it in advance, Preeta replies because this is a family with whom if he apologizes would ruin his ego and she would want to see how he rubs his nose apologizing especially Infront of Karan, as she really wants to see him lose all the ego which he had, Preeta leaves in anger when Prithvi exclaims he hates her a lot cannot bear her in this house, he mentions how he was about to stop Natasha but now would not do it, he will also make a plan against her as when prithvi Malhotra makes a plan, the other party only dies.

Natasha behind the dice is sabotaging the wires, she manages to break a wire and place it over, Natasha gives a cruel smile, then goes to the other side in order to further execute her plan. Sherlin reaching the party wonders where Natasha went as she planned to do something against Preeta, she is frantically searching for Natasha.