Kundali Bhagya 26th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Rakhi seeing the intense bleeding, turns to request the hostess to bring the first aid box however the terrorist stops anyone from leaving, Karina and Shristhi ask why do they not understand that he is bleeding, the terrorist asks who would go from amongst them when Rkahi suggests Preeta informing that she is a doctor so can perform the bandage, the terrorist threatens Preeta, for severe consequences if she tries to do anything suspicious, the hostess leaves with Preeta and Arjun.

The terrorists demand they all should sit down; he exclaims if they do anything suspicious then would suffer the consequence. Rakhi explains Arjun was really injured, Shristhi agrees with her including Karina, but she then asks why they all are worried for Arjun when he is their enemy and they should not forget that they are in this condition because of him, Shristhi agrees with Karina bua that they are the enemies, she however explains she felt like he was their friend on this flight. Karina exclaims they must not forget he is really a bad person when Rakhi replies that he is not like these people, the terrorists question why they are talking amongst them. Rakhi reveals she was just saying that they are bad people when the terrorist question why they are behaving like this and must be a little scared of them. Karina angrily mentions that her Bhabhi is not scared of anyone, but she feels they should have been brought up properly by their parents but if they were his children, she would have surely slapped them all before they slept. Rakhi explains they all should also give them some respect because they are the hostages and if they were not present in the plane it would not have meant anything. Shristhi explains she should not talk so politely with them, Rakhi reveals they must maintain balance amongst the behaviors.

The terrorist leader explains he was not able to find the bullets, so the gun is empty when the terrorist explains he placed them in the big container, he rushes to bring them.

Dadi walking with Kritika reveals that she is not feeling nice in the house when everyone has gone away, Kritika explains that she is going to stay here with her, Dadi asks Garesh to prepare tea for her, Dadi asks her to turn on the television as she wants to hear the news, Kritika is the least bit interested when they turn on the news and are shocked to hear the flight has been hijacked.

Rishab turning reveals he is not a bit interested in talking with her or prove any point, because he would not have come if it related to the business however it concerns his daughter which he is not going to tolerate. Rishab reveals he did not question her why Arjun called all the bankers, so they refuse to give him the loan and he even informed about the problems with that land. Anjali replies he just said it, Sameer angrily asks her to not try and prove him wrong.

Rishab answers the call from Kritika, she revels the flight on which their entire family is travelling has been hijacked, Rishab is not able to believe it so puts the phone on loudspeaker, Kritika once again informs the plane has been hijacked, Rishab asks who told her this, she replies she saw it on the news. Anjali quickly turns on the television and they are all stunned. Kritika requests Rishab to come back as something is wrong with Bani Dadi, Rishab informs he is going to call the doctor so she should take care of her. Dadi stops Rishab mentioning she is not at all happy with the news that Arjun is on the same flight, but she is sure he would protect everyone on the flight as Arjun has also stood by their side. Anjali prays to Bhagwan that Arjun should remain safe, she does not have any idea of how she can help so rushes out of the house.

The air hostess shows Preeta to the first aid box, Preeta assures that nothing wrong would happen when she goes to Arjun, he asks why she is so suspicious about him. Preeta furiously starts taking out the medicines, Arjun asks why she is placing so much Dettol, Preeta asks him to shut up, he shivers with pain when she explains it will hurt a bit, so he must bear it. Arjun starts looking at her when she remembers the first time, she applied the medicine on Karan. Preeta explains he does not have to stare her back when she looks at him, Arjun asks if she sees Karan in him. Preeta replies how many times should she tell him that he should not talk about Karan with her. Preeta exclaims he came to this flight in disguise, Arjun asks if she does not know the reason that he came here for her, Preeta get angry saying he should not talk with her in this manner, Arjun mentions he came for Kavya, but she must know that he was not joking about the wedding, Preeta recalls when Arjun exclaims, he will marry her after seven days. Preeta replies he would never change so she does not want to perform the bandage, Arjun explains she took the oath that she will check the patient even if he is her friend or foe or even the enemy, while in the current situation he has become her hero since he saved her life. Preeta is furious and confused, she finally sit down looking angrily at him. Arjun notices that she is not peaceful, Preeta once again takes out the medicine which she pushes on against his injury, Arjun is really shocked by her behavior, he recalls when he mentioned she did it on purpose, he is just staring at her like he would do before. Preeta thinks when Arjun caught her as she was about to fall.

Arjun comes a bit close to Preeta signaling her to apply the bandage, Preeta applies it, and he feels as they both are still together. Preeta finally stands up, he signals her to leave however she angrily instructs him to go first, they both are quarrelling when finally, Preeta walks away. Arjun wonders what happens with him as he tends to forget all his angry, he wonders why he feels so calm when she is beside her even in such a difficult situation.

Dadi is listening to the news when the reporters reveal this is a stressful situation and they must see what the authorities would do now to save everyone, a woman explains they are right since both her son and daughter in law are also in the same plane and she is not being told anything. Dadi sits down praying that Arjun should remain safe, she even prays for the Luthra’s.

Preeta comes out asking Shristhi about Kavya, Shristhi reveals that she has put both Kavya and Ru to sleep upstairs and even an airhostess is with them, Shristhi asks how Arjun is. Preeta replies he is bad, Vinni requests Preeta to not fight with him since he is handsome. Minni gets jealous with Arjun, he is turning asks Preeta to keep an eye on her husband and make sure he stays away from his wife.

Rakhi standing asks Arjun if he is fine and must come to sit beside her, Karina asks if she did not hear that everyone think he is the husband of Preeta. Rakhi replies she does not care about it however is glad Arjun is safe, she informs she would apply the black tika however realizes the kajal in her eyes has dried, she therefor takes it from the eyes of Preeta to apply on Arjun, seeing this Preeta gets tensed and asks Rakhi a questions, she replies the kajal in her eyes dried so she took it from her eyes, Arjun questions why is she so worried and cannot see the love that Rakhi has for him, the terrorist angrily comes demanding they all should sit down because this is not the place for a meeting. Shristhi asks why he has a problem if they both were quarrelling, she mentions she feels as if her brother-in-law is alive seeing Arjun argue with her sister. Preeta looking at Arjun remembers Karan.

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