Kundali Bhagya 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Written Update


Rakhi consoles Arjun, he holding her hand calls her as mom, she asks what has happened, he apologizes to her for always hurting her since the childhood, Rakhi asks him to stop when Preeta explains the venom might be affecting his mind as he feels Rakhi maa is his mom, Rakhi replies he has never teased him since his childhood, Arjun explains she is the best mom, Rakhi explains he is also the best but Arjun replies she is lying as Rishab is her favorite, Rakhi says he will not believe her but should know that she loves him more then Rishab, and the reason is that he is mischievous and always teasing her so should know that mothers tend to love such children a lot more, she hugs Arjun asking if he would like to have water she asks him to always speak with her. Karina explains she can understand Arjun as he is affected by the venom but what has happened to Rakhi’s mom. Shristhi explains it feels as if they both are mother and son, Shristhi exclaims why is she feeling bad for Arjun when they know he is behind it all, Preeta mentions because he is the one who saved the life of Kavya.

Preeta receives a call on the satellite phone when the official tries to talk with her, Anjali also asks how is Arjun when Preeta replies he is fine, Rishab asks Preeta if she can tell how did the snake look, Preeta replies she doensot know anything about it and then Rishab explains she should ask Arjun, he informs it was of green color, Rishab immediately informs the lady who reveals she can only perform the treatment once she sees the photo, Rishab request if she can arrange it, Preeta agrees. prays to Bhagwan for some mercy and save Arjun.

Rakhi explains Arjun is telling the truth and she also saw the snake, which is green in color, Preeta wonders how they will be able to identify it amongst so many snakes, Rkahi agrees with Preeta but explains she can identify it however Arjun stops her offering to go, Arjun insists on going himself but Rakhi asks if he is doing this to keep her safe, she assures she can take the photo. Preeta also stops Rakhi explaining she can identify it but Shristhi stops her mentioning she can go with Rakhi mom and will even click the photo. Preeta refuses to agree, Rakhi explains Preeta knows that when a mother wants to protect her children then she can do anything for their safety, Preeta is aware of the feelings, she asks Arjun to not worry about her and take care of himself, he also asks her to be careful. Shristhi leaves with Rakhi.

Rakhi and Shristhi both enter the economy cabin, and they are searching for the snakes but after searching for a while, Shristhi explains there is no snake here, Rkahi replies she feels they have gotten scared of the camera and left, Rakhi is still searching when Karina calls her so they both get scared, Rakhi thanks her explaining it proves she also cares for Arjun, Karina replies she cares for Rakhi as she does Arjun. Shristhi mentions if she remembers it correctly, Karina bua hates Arjun so what is she doing here. Rakhi asks why she is talking like this knowing whatever Arjun has done for them, he saved Kavya and even them, even while he was bleeding. Rakhi reveals she feels like calling him her son, Karina exclaims strangely as it is she also feels the same.

Karina says Shristhi has been asking so many questions but why did she come here, this proves she also cares for him. Shristhi thinks that she felt it before, but everyone used to argue with him, Rakhi asks Shristhi what happened as she did not reply to Karina di. Shristhi unknowingly touches the snake while searching for it in the luggage compartment, they all jump on the chairs when Shristhi suggests they should not move, she is tensed when they do not reply so asks, Rakhi says she herself said they must stand still, Shristhi mentions she did not stop them from speaking.
Rakhi starts singing the song, seeing which both Shristhi and Karina are tensed, Karina questions if Rakhi Bhabhi has lost her mind seeing the snake, Shristhi also asks why she is singing, Rakhi asks if Shristhi did not see the movies, as they tend to sing the song. Rakhi informs this is the same sake which bit Arjun, she asks Shristhi to quickly take the photo of it. Shristhi mentions they should leave now that the snake has went away, however Karina stops when the snake comes back, she asks Rakhi what was the song which she was singing so can also sing it, however the snake crawls even closer to them so they all run away.

The lady warns that it would be difficult to save the person if they get a little late
Preeta requests Arjun to not fall asleep and keep talking to her, he starts murmuring a bit but is not able to speak properly. Shristhi calls Preeta who asks if they got the photo, the official offers to give it to the pilot who would forward it.

Preeta calling Rishab informs they have given the photo to the pilot, Rishab shows it to the lady who revels the bite of the snake does not kill a person and he is in agonizing pain. Rishab asks if there is way to dilute it, the lady reveals they can achieve it with vinegar, but first would have to make a small cut at the location of the venom and then take it out with their mouth, she explains they should hurry up.

Kavya is with Riyu when the tero reader is really worried, Kavya asks why is she so worried but the lady does not say anything, Vinni offers them chips, Riyu explains that she saw if they eat spinach then they get really strong however Kavya mentions they are just cartoons, the tero reader comes to them informing Kavya her father is about to die in this plane when Kavya reveals her father is not present on the plane, Vinni requests her to not talk like this in front of the children and go back to her seat.

Preeta comes back requesting Karina bua to walk aside, she apologies to him explaining that she is going to cut his hand a bit after which he would not be able to fall unconscious, Karina questions why did she cut it when Preeta mentions it is so he does not all unconscious, Arjuna angrily asks what did she go instructing her to go away, he unknowingly fills her Mang, Preeta is tensed after it, she starts staring at him who is not able to comprehend what happened. Preeta remembers the wedding with Karan and is feeling a bit strange, Arjun looking at the Mang of Preet also gets emotional, Preeta is also not able to quench her memories of Karan, she angrily looks at Arjun who is just dizzy, Shristhi questions what Preeta is di doing as she must treat Arjun, Preeta immediately stats treating his wound while everyone is worried. Arjun lays back on his seat and is about to get unconscious, he sees Preeta who has drunk the vinegar before sucking the blood out of Arjun’s arm, e is just staring at her as she tries to help him. Karina and Rakhi both are also really tensed. Preeta is trying her best to remove the venom.

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