Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Rajveer requests the inspector to check the CCTV footage once mentioning it is their right to find out what is the truth, the inspector instructs the manager to bring the footage but he informs this girl is lying when the inspector agrees to listen to Rajveer. The manager therefor asks Mini to connect the CCTV footage to the laptop.
The inspector sits down on the couch while everyone is standing beside him, Rajveer feels something on his hand and realizing it is the tear of palki gets really tensed seeing her cry, he holds her hand signaling that everything would be fine but she is still crying. Rajveer after seeing that someone has placed the necklace in Palki’s bag asks them all to see that Palki has not stolen the necklace and someone else has placed it in her bag. Palki starts crying and hugs Rajveer after not being able to control her emotions, ketan and his mother both are shocked seeing this reaction of Palki. Rajveer also embraces her as she is not able to control herself, Rajveer also feels really bad for Palki.

The crowd is cheering for Shaurya as he enters the venue, the lady fans also call him so he goes to give them an autograph, the organizer comes when Shaurya asks where is his father, he informs that Mr karan Luthra has gone to his room hearing which Shaurya gets tensed. Shaurya finally stops at the call of another fan who asks for a kiss on his cheek, he kiss her on both cheeks.

Shaurya enters the room when Karan informs Nidhi that their son has finally gotten the time to come, karan mentions Shaurya has a lot of brand endorsements and deals due to which he was not able to reach on time, Shaurya looks to Nidhi who signals him to stay quiet, Shaurya explains he went to bring the necklace for his mother since he has never done anything of the sort so got a bit late. Karan questions if he had to go shopping on the same day as the event, he instructs Shaurya to come out quickly as all of his evening has been wasted on this single function.
Shaurya goes to Nidhi who thanks him for bringing such a beautiful necklace, she suggests he should forget what his father said as he is a bit cranky revealing all the celebrities and big personalities are late, rather fashionably late so he is the star of this night. Shaurya asks Nidhi to wear it and he even helps her, the organizer comes asking him to come when he says he will come in a moment. Shaurya mentions it feels as if this necklace is designed just for her, they both leave to attend the function.

The organizers call Shaurya to receive the award, Nidhi seeing karan asks him to be a bit polite revealing that it is a special day for their son. Nidhi says he is really cranky and it only happens when he does not get what he desires, she questions why is he behaving like this ever since he came back from the Mandir. Nidhi questions if it is about the lady, karan asks what is she talking about, Nidhi replies he said that he got into an accident so had to take the lady to the hospital, Karan remembers when he wrote the name of the lady as Preeta, Nidhi asks what has happened when Karan leaves explaining he will come back in a moment. Shaurya comes to hug Nidhi praising her for looking beautiful.

Shaurya goes onto the stage when they all ask him about his song and even explain that his watch is really expensive, Shaurya informs he really likes his jewels and they are also like him as he is The Shaurya Luthra, everyone starts clapping for him. Karan thinks he was not able to make Shaurya like she would have desired, as Shaurya has become just like he was before he met her and she changed him into a better person, Karan thinks he also used to call himself as The Karan Luthra and now even Shaurya is calling him in the same manner. Karan wishes how Shaurya should have become just like her as she was really pure and kindhearted, he prays that she should come with a miracle.

Palki finally lets go of Rajveer thanking him for supporting her, explaining it would have been really difficult if he was not present. Ketan instructs the manager should have first checked his footage as he has blamed his fiance, Ketan’s mother also mentions she is going to file a complaint against this store and then will also win it. The police instructs the manager to keep a check and even warns them to never waste the time of the police.

Ketan asks palki to come offering to drop her back home, his mother says there is no need to stay with such bad people. They try to leave when Rajveer stops them, he takes Palki in front of the manager demanding that he should apologize to palki, the manager feels embarrassed when palki requests him to let it go, Rajveer asks why should they let it go when they have to apologize after making a mistake, he explains it is not about ego but what is right and wrong and they must apologize. The manager says sorry in a very low voice, Rajveer asks what has happened to his voice as he was shouting while blaming her, Palki informs Rajveer it is enough when Ketan comes asking Palki if they should leave, he holds her hand taking Palki with her.

Ketan along with his mother and Palki walk out when she says she would file a case against them, and herself desired that the manager should apologize to Palki but she did not say anything to ketan as Rajveer really took her side so how can she snatch this right from her.

Ketan opens the door for Palki asking her to come and sit however Rajveer closes the door explaining Palki will come with him, Rajveer turns on the bike when katan’s mother asks why is he like this, Ketan says why is she saying anything to Palki.

Rajveer comes asking palki to sit with him as they have to go and meet the person who put the necklace in her bag, ketan asks the name of that person but Rajveer leaves with palki.

The organizer informs it is time to surprise them as they have amongst them Mr Karan Luthra, she asks if he would come and join them on stage since it is time to celebrate. Karan remembers when he told Nidhi he has really important meeting so do they have to go to the event, Nidhi explains she knows their son has gotten off track but he being his father must support him, suggesting that Karan should only say positive things about their son.
Nidhi notices that karan is really tensed so goes to him signaling how they must go on to the stage, she helps Karan who goes to the stage and so Shaurya hugs him, he notices how Karan is really furious. The organizer mentions they would like to hear some words about his son from him, Shaurya gives Karan the mike who explains he was not expecting it revealing Shaurya has always done things in an unexpected manner but the only difference is that he is really proud of his son, karan hugs Shaurya who is also smiling, karan explains it is a very proud feeling when their son achieves something by their own hard will, he mentions he knows they all want to see the strong bonding of a Father and son, he is really thankful to them all because they have allowed him to be a part of this event. Karan informs he has understood how proud his father would have been when he scored his first century but he was not able to join him since he got injured however he is able to understand the feeling. Karan explains before going he is going to announce a surprise which is that Shaurya is going to launch his own music company after this event, hearing this Shaurya gets really excited so hugs Karan who finally leaves, Shaurya is joyed.

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