Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Preeta calls Rakhi as je saying she should think whatever she desires but there is just one thing and she is the owner of the family and this is all what she should know, Preeta turns to leave thinking this might not be the right time to find out Mahesh papa as she must wait till everyone is sleep, Preeta turns while Rakhi is looking at her crying, Preeta thinks she feels this is not the right time to tell Rakhi the truth that she has come to save her family from Prithvi because if she revealed her intention and she told her how she got the signs of Mahesh papa, everyone would come to know about it, prithvi will then take advantage of it, she now has to fight till the last breath, Prithvi would be wondering why she even after being the power is not throwing him out of the house, he knows how much the Luthra’s hate him, it is better to keep the enemy in front of one’s eyes, she wants to know how did Mahesh papa got so ill and where is Rishab jee, Preeta thinks Prithvi is now strong but she must fight him and eventually get one step ahead of him, she prays to Mata Rani that she get the strength to fight with Prithvi.

Prithvi on the call questions his lawyer how did Preeta manage to ruin their plan in just a single blow, he requests prithvi to calm down only then he would be able to fine a solution, prithvi explains he knows that his entire future is based on the event and if Preeta does anything then it would ruin everything, the lawyer asks if Prithvi trusts him then should wait till tomorrow, Prithvi thinks it has taken him two years to reach this position and he would not let anyone come in his path.

Sameer is walking when Kritika coming from behind questions what is going on because she saw how he changed when Preeta came back, she asks him to end any misconception he has about her because she was always after their money and came back as a ruler, Sameer requests her to calm down since he believes that Preeta is better then Prithvi, Kritika tries to explain that a person tends to make mistake just once and if he repeats it then would be called a fool, Sameer warns her to talk with some respect, he starts blaming her saying he feels she has started to accept Prithvi as her husband and is worried that he is losing everything, Kritika is not able to bear it, he questions if she has started to accept him as her husband, she replies that she is done with him since Sameer is a fool, she leaves in anger, Sameer explains she did not understand, they know that Preeta has not done the right thing but his heart says that Preeta is right, he however thinks that she is not right.

Preeta in her room thinks she has to find Mahesh papa really soon but must not sleep as not everyone would be asleep, Preeta thinks about Sarla thinking how she would be really worried about her but she has not come because of her own desire but that everyone in the Luthra family needs her support, she has just come to solve the problems from which the Luthra family is going through and after she manages to solve them all, Sarla would also be really proud, Preeta thinks she knew Sarla would get really angry which is why she asked her for her approval, Preeta thinks when she asked Sarla if she came to the Luthra house as a strong women without taking the pressure of anyone, she explained if she managed to only help Rakhi and Mahesh papa since they also stood by her, if she went there as a strong women would she give her the permission just once, Sarla replied that Preeta desires hear the yes from her mouth, she knows Preeta is really strong because she has left everything behind, she evn taught this all to Pragya and she might not be alive tomorrow, she has also taught her but Preeta must take her own decisions, Preeta is still asking for her approval so she would surely take back her vow allowing Preeta to go as she desires her to live the life as per her own heart, she will not stop her but Preeta should remember that there is nothing more important then her own honour, Preeta thinks she doesnot know how guilty Karan is because of what he did to her, he himself said that he still loves her, Rakhi maa also loves her, she prays she could have said it in person so she might have understood, she might be correct that relations are for lifetimes and her relation with the Luthra’s is just like that, which is why she was able to give a befitting reply to prithvi and Sherlin, she needs to solve all those problems but first must find Mahesh papa and this might be the right time.

Preeta is walking in the hall when she sees Karan sleeping with Dadi, she goes to stand beside him then slowly picks up the quilt covering him, he relaxes, she thinks how he expressed his feeling and she just desired to listen her name from his mouth but he expressed his love in front of everyone, two years passed but nothing changed as he still revealed it all, she is just waiting for him to wake up as no matter how much she met him, she has felt really calm, he holds her hand so Dadi is about to wake up, Preeta hides placing her head against Karan while he is sleeping, she tries to free her hand but Karan opening his eyes exclaims he loves her, she starts crying so closes his eyes, she slowly walks away from Karan with a smile, turning back to leave she once again turns to close the door.

Preeta once again starts walking in the hall thinking she has checked each and every corner, so Mahesh papa is not here and what she heard in the Clinic that he is in the basement was the truth.

Mahesh is trying to request Mona to let him go but she manages to strap him in the bed then takes out an injection, with which she injects him, she exclaims this man is a headache, she thinks she should sleep till the morning mentioning she has gotten fed up with this man.

Preeta secretly is walking in the basement, she feels scared and sees the door is closed, looking inside it, she is shocked to see Mahesh Luthra, tied up to the bed with chains. Preeta thinks she doesnot want anyone to see her here so will lock the door from outside, she locks Mona in her room before once again coming to the room of Mahesh Luthra, Preeta is stunned to see how they have kept him in the room, she calls him to open his eyes as she has come when he called her, she wonders how can anyone treat him like this, she thinks how Kritika said Prithvi treats them like an animal, she apologizes to Mahesh for coming so late as she should have come a long time ago, but she has come now and will not leave anyone who hurt him like this, she will not forgive Prithvi, he should see how she treats him, she will really soon take him out of here where he would live like the same as before, she promises him to never leave him and she will not only protect him but also give him the same respect and honor which he once had.

Mona tries to open her door but wonders who has come here that it got closed, Preeta thinks she is making a lot of noise so walks out of the door while Mona calls prithvi asking him to come as someone has locked her in the room, Preeta thinks if she makes so much nose then everyone would come down but before she can leave she hears someone coming so immediately hides, prithvi walks down and opens the door, Mona says that someone has locked her however he stops her, Preeta gets worried.

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