Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Written Update


Preeta tries to help Arjun in the cockpit, but the last remaining terrorist prevents her. The pilot declines her plea for an emergency landing and states that it is not possible. Preeta is assisted by the pilot in speaking with airport management. When Rishabh and Anjali arrive at the airport, they encounter a friend who works for the airport administration. He informs them about the circumstances on the aircraft before taking them to see a snake charmer. Rishabh hears from Preeta that Arjun was bitten by a snake while they are travelling. Rishabh approaches the snake charmer about helping them, but she declines. When Anjali sees Rishabh, she gets emotional. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, The woman tells about the dangerous snake bite. She adds that vinegar can help them in saving Arjun’s life. Rishabh asks Preeta did she hear it. The air hostess tells that vinegar is available. Kavya asks the tarot card reader why is she so tensed. The tarot card reader tells Kavya that her dad is going to die today. Kavya tells that her dad isn’t on the same flight.

The lady tells that her dad is also with her, he will be dying today. Kavya turns upset. Preeta gets ready to do the aid to Arjun. She asks him to stay conscious. She makes a cut on Arjun’s hand so that he realizes pain and stays conscious. She apologizes to Arjun. Karan asks her what did she do. He makes her away. The blood gets into her hairline. Preeta is shocked and remembers her Karan. Shrishti asks her to treat Arjun. Preeta sucks the poison out of Arjun’s hand. Karan gets touched by her caring gesture.

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