Kundali Bhagya 5th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shristhi and Preeta enter the room, Preeta wonders if he has gotten unconscious, Sameer also arrives in the room, they all try to wake him up however he doesnot even move seeing which Sherlin gets worried.
Mahesh comes to the function with Karan, Kritika immediately hugs him, he asks if she is doing well, then after he sits down Dadi exclaims that she is feeling really nice and he should also celebrate the Holi, Rakhi comes with the sweet dish then tries to feed him however he takes it In his hands, then starts teasing Rakhi, they all joke when she exclaims that she would sit with him, Mahira comes near them and has covered her face, she is sure that no one would recognize her and he would also think that some insect bit him, Karina comes to them and wishes Mahesh happy Holi.

Preeta along with Shristhi and Sameer are trying to wake Prithvi however he doesnot even move, Sherlin wonders what she should do now because if Prithvi wakes up then it would ruin her plan, she realizes how there is only one way to stop him from waking up and revealing the truth, she starts texting someone, Mahira is standing when she receives the text from Sherlin, it is written that she would have to give Prithvi the injection that would cause him to wake him and end the influence of Bhang so while she takes care of Prithvi, Mahira must inject Mahesh so he then dies and must not come without fulfilling her task, Mahira agrees to the plan.

Sameer exclaims that he ahs an idea and he after picking Prithvi once again throws him on the bed, Sherlin prays that whatever happens he must not wake up because it would create a lot of problem, she scolds Prithvi wondering why he did even drink something from their hands knowing that they would never offer him anything unless it furthers their own agenda.

Mahesh while sitting asks Karan where is Preeta, Sameer and Shristhi, he asks him to call everyone as he feels like dancing and it would be a lot of fun with the entire family, Karina also agrees, he suggests that they would make Dadi dance on another song, she scolds him but then exclaims that it has been a long time.

Mahira takes out the injection thinking wondering they should laugh as she would give them the dose of sadness and not allow them to even celebrate, she sees how they are celebrating.

Preeta asks Sameer to move aside as she would talk with him, Sameer exclaims that she would not be able to pick him up, Preeta starts talking with him with a sweet voice, she greet him then asking if he is marrying Kritika to take some revenge, he agrees that he desires to take revenge, Sherlin gets worried then prays that he not say anything about them, Prithvi says that he desires to take revenge and it is from Karan, Rishab and Mahesh, he also says that he is doing this for Chotu and for his baby, Sherlin wonders that he has started taking names so they would all be ruined because of his actions, Preeta gets tensed saying that he has indeed come to take revenge.

Karan enters the room ordering them to come because Mahesh is calling them for the dance, Preeta gets worried however Shristhi asks her to go while she would stay back, Sameer also offers to stay however Karan asks if they did not listen as he said Mahesh is calling everyone. Shristhi however forces Karan to allow her so he takes Preeta and leaves.

Karan after reaching downstairs with Preeta exclaims that they should dance now, they start the music and the family starts the dance, Mahira feels that it is the right time so she would now inject Mahesh killing him, she however gets disturbed as the entire family is dancing together having a lot of fun, Mahesh even dances with Rakhi, they have a lot of fun.

Shristhi and Sameer both try to wake Prithvi however are not able to and then Shristhi decides that she would go and call Preeta from the dance meanwhile her dance would have ended.

Shristhi reaches and calls Preeta to come with her, she hits Mahira, and the injection drops on the floor, they even step on it which worries her, Rakhi also goes to Mahesh, he is standing and then sees someone who he is not able to recognize, Mahira sees Pawan and remembers how he said that he doesnot forgive his enemies unlike his brother Prithvi, she tries to wonder if Mahesh knows Pawan and what kind of a problem does he have with him.

Preeta comes with karan which angers Sherlin, she thinks that now she would start questioning Prithvi once again however Karan doesnot let her, he says that Prithvi would also respond to his voice however he doesnot allow her, Preeta then calls him Prithvi, Shristhi asks her to call him as Prithvi jee, she therefore talks politely and he also responds, Preeta asks with whom does he seek revenge, Prithvi is not able to say it clearly, Shrishti explains that she is not able to understand anything, Sherlin standing at the window is tensed saying that they would surely make sense of his words.

Sherlin walks to the store room, thinking how the Luthra’s had nearly destroyed Prithvi and his family, she was about to get married to him but her entire life was ruined because of them so she was forced to marry Rishab and risk her life to further their revenge, Mahesh came to know about them and decided to expose them, however she planned to kill him but was not successful, she picks out a bottle of kerosene and plans to kill them all if her plan is exposed, she exclaims that she would make this Holi the last for their family.

Mahesh is slowly walking towards Pawan, he doesnot recognize him. Pawan is searching for his brother however is not able to find him, he asks Mahesh if he has seen him however is worried as Mahesh looks strangely at him.