Kundali Bhagya 6th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pawan asks Mahesh if he has seen Prithvi Malhotra because he is not able to find him, Pawan looks curiously at him, Mahesh realizes that he came to his office and there they got into an argument after he was forced to throw Pawan out, Pawan once again asks him, Mahesh dropping the stick takes him by his neck then asks if Pawan did not recognize him, Mahesh explains that he has realized the truth behind Prithvi’s plans and now feels that he has understood the complete truth so it is for the most opportune that he did not reveal their truth before because it would not have been the complete truth, he reveals that this is the reason Rishab was not able to recognize Prithvi and now knows that the sense of knowing him was because he is the brother of Pawan, he tries to calm down Mahesh however he insists to reveal the truth to his entire family so walks away.

Pawan takes out his locket and wrapping it around his hand turns it into a knife, he follows Mahesh after applying colour on his face, Mahira wonders what he would do next so decides to change her clothes and inform Sherlin that Pawan has arrived.

Sherlin drops the kerosene on the curtains and the floor exclaiming that if she is not able to fulfil her plan with Prithvi then would kill the entire Luthra family, she lights a match stick and thinks when Preeta was questioning Prithvi and he was murmuring the truth, she is about to throw the stick when Mahira stops her asking if she has gone mad and she would burn the entire house, Sherlin asks if she doesnot understand that Preeta would be able to question Prithvi and come to know of the truth, Mahira tries to calm her however Sherlin asks if she cannot understand that Prithvi is going to ruin their plan, Sherlin is adamant to burn the house when Mahira forces her to listen to what she si trying to say, Mahira mentions that she is the champion and in their hurry how could they forget Pawan, Sherlin asks her to never take his name.

Mahira explains that he has indeed come to the house, and she thinks that he is the one taking care of Mahesh, Sherlin explains that if he has arrived and Mahesh has recognized him then it would be his last day as Pawan would surely kill him, Sherlin exclaims how bad the life of Mahesh is because when on the last Holi he came out of the coma, Mahira pushed him from the stairs however this time Pawan would surely kill him. Sherlin says that they are safe now because Pawan would look after Mahesh and they are safe, Mahira is still worried if their plan might fail, Sherlin reveals that she has a second plan and would burn the entire house, Mahira exclaims that she can also do the task.

Sherlin and Mahira reach the room where Preeta is questioning Prithvi, Mahira is worried and feels that they would be able to question him and he will reveal the entire truth however Sherlin mentions that she has an idea about what to do so orders Mahira to hide, Prithvi is still not speaking the entire truth and Preeta once again questions him, Sherlin heading into the room explains that Mahesh is calling them all and so they all rush downstairs, Shristhi is still waiting when Sherlin also asks her to come, Shristhi says that he might try to reveal the name of the person who pushed him from the stairs.

Mahesh is rushing in the hall, Pawan is following him however is not able to catch him and he is about to stumble, Karan rushes to his aid and helps him calm his nerve but Mahesh is not relaxing, Rakhi along with his entire family come asking what has happened, he goes to Bittoo questioning if he remembers what happened in 2010, they are not able to understand, Mahesh reveals that he along with Rishab was busy in the business meanwhile Karan was practicing, Preeta along with Rakhi plead with him to calm down however he insists on revealing a truth, Sherlin is worried thinking that if he says the truth that was in his heart then they would be ruined and the doors of the Luthra house would close on them. Pawan is trying to find a way to kill Mahesh, he wonders how he could not recognize their biggest enemy and now must kill him.

Prithvi is in his room, he wakes up with a severe pain in his head and is happy that he won the competition from karan, he wonders where his mobile is so picking it up is shocked to see that Karan cheated with him, he realizes that Preeta was trying to question him regarding the truth so he is worried if he might under the influence had revealed the truth, he sees that Sherlin is poking him so gets angry with Sherlin, but then realizes that they were trying to save him, he gets angry with Preeta for trying to understand his truth saying that no one can come to know of the truth until he reveals it, Prithvi then gets a message from Pawan who mentions that he was not able to find him and has come to the Luthra mansion, Prithvi wonders why is he in the Luthra Mansion.

Mahesh is restlessly pointing at the door saying that he was being followed and there is someone there however Karan exclaims that it is just his mind, the doctor helps him sit on the chair and starts giving him the medical aid, Rakhi questions what haws happened to him.

Prithvi gets shocked seeing Mahesh and prays that he goes in the coma once again because if it doesnot happen then he would have to kill him, he looks to Sherlin who signals him towards Pawan who is hiding which worries Prithvi.