Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Karan is boxing in his room remembering when Kritika explained that she was adamant to marry Prithvi, and she threatened to kill herself if anyone tried to stop her, Preeta enters asking what has happened, he says that he is taking out his anger when Preeta makes him take off his gloves, he explains that he is not happy with the marriage, Preeta also mentions that she is not but the two people who are getting married are really happy, he explains that he cannot show happiness when he is not so says that he is going to take a shower, Preeta takes out his clothes for the function.

Karan in the bathroom wonders why was he angry with Preeta because she should not be blamed, he asks Preeta for the towel and hugs her, Mahira pushes him away, asking what is he doing, karan explains that he thought it was Preeta to which she explains that she is not and he should be careful because if Preeta sees them then would blame the entire situation on her, Preeta enters questioning what is happening when Mahira immediately explains that Karan purposefully hugged her, he is left startled when Mahira mentions that she is trying to clarify the situation because it might create problems for them, karan tries to clarify but is about to leave when Mahira once again hugs him in front of Preeta, she immediately explains that it is a friendly hug and she should not worry, Karan rushes into the bathroom, Maira coming to Preeta explains she is not understanding what is happening right in front of her eyes, she starts laughing exclaiming it was just a joke then after heading out the door thinks his plan is working so karan and Preeta would not even realize when their relation was destroyed by Mahira.

Prithvi is welcoming the guests to the function, Kritika seeing this also teases him when he mentions his life was saved when she become his wife, Prithvi’s mother also comes praising Kritika on her beauty, Prithvi asks if she doesnot think he is beautiful, she is about to say something to Kritika when Karina also comes asking what they are talking off, she explains that she has to leave immediately for the village so desires that Kritika take care of her son, Karina explains she should not worry because they would take good care of her son, she asks if he wishes to stay with them in the Luthra house, Prithvi accepts the proposal, Dadi comes asking why is she asking Prithvi and should ask her because she is the elder as they do not want to make him their son in law, everyone is shocked when Dadi explains that they would make him like their son, Prithvi explains she was about to give him a heart attack, Dadi explains this is what she desired.

Rakhi asks them to see what who has come, they are amazed to see that it is Suresh who is the brother of Mahesh Luthra, Dadi is startled to see them and immediately hugs her son, mentioning that he has come after a long time and prefers to stay in the village, he explains that this is not the case and he is now going to leave when Mahesh is well, Rakhi introduces Prithvi to Suresh and when they enter Karan and Rishab also come taking his blessings, Suresh requests to meet Mahesh first before the function.

Prithvi is staring at Preeta, Mahira comes asking him to not stare at Preeta like this otherwise Karan and Rishab would start beating him, Rishab comes to stand in front of Prithvi, who is shocked to see the smile asking if this is because of him, Rishab points towards Kritika who is standing behind him explains it is because of her, Prithvi says that he has finally become the member of the Luthra family, Rishab warns him of severe consequences if he creates any problem in Kritika’s life.

Rakhi comes running to Rishab explaining that Mahesh moved when Suresh was talking with him, Rishab is filled with joy and trikes calling the doctor, Kritika coming to Prithvi explains that she was right and it is because of Prithvi that Mahesh has started moving however Prithvi is left startled so tries to reason that he was not the reason, Rishab hears the conversation, he pulls Prithvi without telling anything else.
Rishab pushes Prithvi in the room, he immediately starts questioning him asking if he has any role in the accident of his father, Prithvi tries to deny it however Rishab pulls out his belt threatening to pull the truth out of his throat if he doesnot reveal it himself, Prithvi is left confused so mentions that he wants to truth and would now reveal, he explains that it is love that Mahesh has for him rather then him and this is not the case, Rishab starts beating him saying that he should not joke because he is not in the mood, Prithvi is able to open the door where Kritika is standing, she asks what is happening when Prithvi mentions that they were sorting an old deal which they had, Rishab forces him to reveal the truth but Kritika stops him from doing anything making him remember that he promised so takes Prithvi away.

Kritika is with Prithvi in the room trying to apologize for what has happened saying that Rishab should not have acted like he did to which Prithvi explains that he was bearing the punishments because of her because she is really nice and takes care of him, he pleads with her to go and attend the guests as they would get worried and he would come down, Kritika leaves and Sherlin immediately enters the room asking why is he being so nice, Prithvi explains that they have to handle the situation maturely and not be foolish, he reveals how Rishab is fixated on the accident of Mahesh and keeps on questioning him, so what if they were involved there is nothing which they can do about it but he cannot say it openly.

Sherlin mentions that there is nothing to worry about because they have not left any proof of their past lives, Prithvi reveals that he has something from their past, Sherlin immediately asks why he kept it when they promised to run any proof, Prithvi explains that the proof was really close to his heart so he was not able to let go of it, Prithvi explains that there is nothing to worry about as the belonging is safe with him in his house and if someone is able to reach it then they would see the true side of Prithvi Malhotra.