Kundali Bhagya 9th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Preeta requests for an exception because her mother is really worried, the inspector refuses to allow a meeting explaining they are even going to transfer him to another jail, Sarla questions where they are going to transfer him as it is not right because he is not a criminal the inspector replies it is for the court to decide while they are just doing their duty, Sarla questions if he can witness with his experience that Karan is a murderer, the inspector threatens to send them out of the police if Preeta doesnot calm her mother, the inspector leaves and Preeta tries to explain she came to meet him so knows he is fine, Sarla also says she came to meet him but just wants to see his face, Preeta takes her back to the house promising they would come back in the morning.

Sherlin is in her bed but she is not able to sleep, she is constantly thinking about the incident that happened when Megha demanded money from her, she recalls when Prithvi was not able to bring the proof, she feels vomiting so immediately rushes into the bathroom and starts vomiting, Rakhi hears her so rushes into the room knocking on the bathroom, Sherlin coming out reveals she just vomited, Rakhi helps her lie on the bed, Prithvi is walking into the room when he sees Rakhi so hides thinking that Sherlin needs rest but those two women are not letting her feel relaxed.

Rakhi questions Sherlin what the worry is as she can see it on her face, hearing to which Sherlin wonders if it can be seen on her face, she tries to lie explaining there is nothing to worry about, Rakhi explains that she is herself a mother and so knows the problems there are in pregnancy. She herself has given birth to two children but Sherlin must rest assured as being a mother is in itself the best thing, she once again questions what is the worry however Sherlin says there is nothing to worry about, Rakhi then explains she knows Sherlin has not met her mother for a long time so should call her, Sherlin then stops Rakhi explaining that she only told her what was in her heart because she insisted, but she must not call her mother as she is really busy and she needs a doctor.

Rakhi agrees so immediately calls Dr Rupali explaining she got her contact from a friend Priya as they have come to live in their old house, Rakhi reveals that her daughter in law Sherlin is not feeling well so they would need an appointment, the doctor agrees to give them the appointment for eleven in the morning, Rakhi advises Sherlin to relax before tucking her in the bed, Prithvi wonders why Sherlin is acting as now he would have to go with her when they both know that she really needs the money because of which she is acting so much.

Preeta shares the incident with Shristhi who gets furious, Preeta advises her to calm down but Shristhi doesnot listen questioning why are they not allowing Sarla to meet Karan even when she really desires to meet him, Sarla comes asking what were they talking about, Preeta tries to change the topic when Shristhi says that Preeta would not have talked to the police personal who did not allow her to meet Karan, Sarla questions what would have she done as she knows Shristhi would have fought and created a scene, Preeta explains this is what Sarla did and it was no good, Sarla asks her to not take the side of Shristhi, she mentions that she knows how to talk with the people and when they have to stop.

Sarla mentions she came to talk about something else, she wishes to have dinner together as she would now feed Preeta with her own hands, she even calls Shrishti explaining otherwise she would blame that she doesnot care for her, Shristhi agrees so Sarla leaves, she immediately calls Sameer asking if he thinks of her as his loyal and best friend who would stand with her, she asks him to meet her eleven in the morning, she thinks she would have to talk with the police.

Rakhi advises Sherlin to not worry and call her even in the middle of the night if she has any problem, Prithvi comes into the room crying and so sitting on the bed exclaims he was touched to see the relation between the mother and daughter, Sherlin reveals that it was just a melodrama to convince them all, Prithvi questions if she remembers the mission with which they came as they only desire to ruin the Luthra family, Sherlin assures that she knows their plan so would not rest until they ruin the Luthra family.
In the morning Kritika is talking with her friend who calls her to come and have breakfast together, Kritika tries to invite her to her house, but the friend insists that she first come to her house after which she will also come to meet her family.

Kritika gets excited so seeks permission from Rakhi, who questions about the friend, so Kritika reveals that she met her in Rajisthan and she found out they have shifted into her neighborhood which is why she called her over for dinner, Rakhi allows her to go on the lunch on the condition that she would come back straight to the house, Sameer tries to leave after greeting them but Rakhi calls him, she questions where was he going, he explains he is going to meet a friend so Rakhi questions why does everyone have to leave today, he questions who else is going so she points to Kritika saying that she is going to meet her friend, Rakhi then explains that there are only two cars in the house as the other two have gone for servicing, she would like him to lend his car to Kritika, he questions why does he not ask Prithvi, Kritika then responds that it is because he has to go and meet his mother, Sameer agrees to drop and pick her up, Kritika rushes to get her bad while Rakhi reveals she is going to meet Preeta who is not well.
Sameer gets a call from Shristhi who questions if he is going to meet her at the bus stop however he replies that he will pick her from the house, Shristhi questions if Sarla has arrived as she heard that Preeta was not well, Sameer mentions Rakhi is with Preeta. Kritika hears him talking, he immediately cancels the call, but she starts teasing him.

Sherlin is getting ready in her room, Prithvi question’s if she is ready for the movie which worries her, he says they are going to the doctor then why it is taking so long, Sherlin gets mad so starts hitting him, he gets furious so turns away after which she tries to console him blaming the entire situation on her changing hormones. Prithvi asks when she is angry, she blames it on the hormones and also blames the love on her hormones, she questions what he is talking about so he replies she was being nice with Rakhi, Sherlin apologizes so he explains she should leave first and not take her car as she would pick him up.