Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 19th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Veer saying if you need anything, then you can tell me. Vashma says stop, have this jewellery back. She says we have a heart and mind as well, go now, take this as help or favor, I m doing it by my wish. He says I m waiting outside. He goes. Amrit asks Vashma to take care. She asks Vashma to inform her family. She leaves. Nalini scolds Bhanu for hiding the truth. Bhanu says Veer left no option for us.

Nalini says you were getting a prince for your sister, you forgot your loyalty. He says its nothing like that, we are not greedy for money, I couldn’t refuse to Veer for being loyal to him. She says you are nothing to us, tell your sister to stop dreaming, I will always have my eye on her, one mistake, you will also get punished. Veer brings Amrit home. He says I wanted to bring that girl here by marrying her, she proved that she can cheat anyone. Amrit says you are mistaken. He says no need, I don’t want to listen to you, I will not touch you or see you, I want to show a beautiful bahu to this family, I hope that I got the right girl for this work, you can stay in my room, you can wear anything you like. He lies on the couch to sleep.

Amrit cries and recalls Randhir. She asks Randhir about the Suhaagraat. Randhir smiles and says I love your innocence, you are right, its a night for both husband and wife, its special, because they promise to understand each other, they plan their coming life and dream. FB ends. Amrit sleeps. She wakes up in the morning. She says he can’t see my face. She goes to washroom. She finds Veer sleeping in the water tub. She worries and thinks to not show her face, else he will kill her. He wakes up. She gets the gun in hand. He asks her to keep it down, don’t argue. He says just that girl should die by this gun, she cheated me and ran away. She says maybe she did it for some reason. He scolds her. He asks her to get ready fast, this time, he has to win any way, his mum always gave him zero number in life.

Vashma comes to meet Uday. She thinks of their moments. She hears his name. She cries. Uday comes home. He scolds Bhanu for getting Amrit to someone else. Nalini asks Mohan and Bindu how are they, where is Rohit. Mohan jokes on Nalini’s son, who got a bride home. Amrit gets ready. Veer asks her to come, he will make her meet his family. She worries.