Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Randhir asking the people to spare their lives. Amrit consoles the lady’s baby. Amrit says we have love in our hearts, we lost a lot due to the hatred, we can also feel your pain, you all and we also have a relation. The lady asks them to come with her. Uday and Randhir ask the man to keep all the luggage, just arrange a car for them to leave. The man asks them not to worry and be their guests till the car comes. The baby cries. Randhir plays the flute and consoles the baby. He says you have to learn this to play the flute for our children. He plans their children. He says we would have got married and been romancing by this time, if this didn’t happen. She hugs him and says its fine, we will find a house soon, until then I will think of the children’s names. They smile.

He says we have to start a new life, we have to remember those who we lost and take care of those who are with us. She asks are you talking to your parents. He recalls Savita’s words. She asks him not to worry, everything will be fine, is there any matter troubling him. He shows the pic and says mum had given me this pic while she was leaving. Amrit sees the pic and asks who is this. He cries. He says its related to me or my past, I have to find out what’s this.

Vashma says we will start a new life with Kabir by forgetting everything. Uday says yes. She says I will pray that our life gets simple. He says I also wish to have a simple life with you, I don’t want to rush anywhere, I don’t want anything than peace. He hugs her. Radha thinks of Brij and gets sad. Randhir and Amrit come to her. Amrit cheers up Radha and hugs her. Uday and everyone take disguise and get ready to leave. The goons come there to ask for them. Randhir starts the drama and begs for food. He signs others. They all beg for food.

Amrit thinks the goons are going towards the tent where Vashma’s baby is sleeping. She goes and stops the man. She says I know something about them, come with me. She attacks the man. The man also stabs her leg. She falls down. She drags the man away. She says I have seen that man going that side, he was following someone. The goons leave. Amrit falls. Everyone worries for her. Uday asks how far do we have to go. The man says we can take help from the nearby village, its not safe to stay here, hide in the bushes, we will leave. Randhir and Vashma thank them. She talks to the tribal lady. She says we all are made the same, but we have self divided ourselves. Randhir asks Amrit not to worry, they will go to the city and get aid for her. He says no one can stop us from uniting now.