Lockdown Ki Love Story 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Sonam saying there is something less. Dhruv says we will need our energy after marriage. Sheetal asks what. Dhruv says I mean everyone will need their energies, this fashion show was to bring two families together. She likes his idea and asks them to change clothes. Dhruv’s dad says you are trying to be part of our family, I will change and come. Sheetal says Nutan would have gone with Sonam’s mum, its not wrong. Nutan and Sonam’s mum come. Everyone asks where did they go. They give different answers. Nutan doesn’t leave the bag. Dhruv helps her. Nutan says I will take it. Nutan loses the bag and worries. She signs Sheetal. The bags fall down. Everyone sees the money bundles. They get shocked. Dhruv’s dad asks Nutan how did she get so much money, did she loot the bank. Dhruv asks her to say, whose money is it. Dhruv’s dad says its like smuggling, haldi function can’t happen now. Sonam’s mum says no, its fine, I thought marriage is happening in lockdown, our money is getting saved, so I was just giving some money to Nutan. Sonam’s dad says you didn’t ask me. She says maybe you would refuse.

Dhruv’s dad says Nutan went to take dowry secretly. Sonam’s mum says no, its not dowry, its my devotion, my nek before giving my daughter. Dhruv and Sonam look on. Dhruv says I didn’t expect this from you, its a common thing, dowry, but I never heard this from you.

He says Sonam asked me about dowry, she said she will earn money and give you, so that you don’t regret. Everyone gets emotional. Dhruv says don’t know why we give importance to money and dowry, why don’t we end this custom. Sonam’s dad Pratap says giving dowry is also a crime, who gave you this issue. Sonam’s mum says its a gift, not dowry, its my wish, we will forget it here. Sonam asks how, mom when I was 8 years old, you gave 10 lakhs to uncle, I remember everything, everyone remembers such deals. Her mum says I m giving this money to my son-in-law, now you edit this memory and remember it as nek, not dowry. Dhruv gives the money to Nutan.

Sheetal says its just 11 lakhs. Dhruv’s dad asks Nutan to give safe keys. He takes the keys and goes. Sonam’s mum asks her to be happy. Dhruv’s dad gets money and gives to Nutan. He says its 11 lakhs, you also give mu dikhai to your bahu. Sonam’s mum asks why, you are taking it otherwise. Dhruv’s dad says no, I m just keeping the rasam. He asks Nutan to do the rasam. Nutan gives the money to Sonam. Dhruv’s dad says calling dowry as gift doesn’t change it, I know you did this for your daughter’s happiness, you shouldn’t give your daughter if anyone demands money, I thought you are from the big city, you won’t believe in this, you shouldn’t support dowry. Dhruv smiles.

Sonam and the girls get ready. Sonam compliments Bhabhi. Nutan comes there and gets shocked seeing her bahu in moden dress.