Lockdown Ki Love Story 26th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Dhruv and everyone getting Milky to the hospital. Nutan signs Sheetal. They start crying. Dhruv argues with Nutan. Sonam stops him. Nurse asks them to give consent and sign on the form. Sheetal asks Dhruv to sign, Milky’s mum isn’t in the town. Dhruv says I m not related to her, why would I sign. Nutan says you are Milky’s husband, sign on it, there is no time. He asks her to sign it, she is Milky’s guardian. He says I will not sign. Nutan says its husband’s right. Sonam says give it, I will sign as her younger sister. She signs on the form. Dhruv asks why are you doing this, she did this intentionally to stop our rounds. Sonam says her treatment is more imp at this time.

He says we will go home and complete the rounds. Sonam says we can’t go at this time. Sheetal says yes, its not a joke. He says you have supported Nutan in the wrong, you have made this a joke, you swapped the bride. Sheetal says its wrong that you are going to marry Sonam. Milky’s dad comes and says what can Dhruv do, you did wrong with Sonam, Milky is bearing punishment for her own deeds, if they want to go and complete their rounds, then they can go. Nutan asks what are you saying, you are Milky’s dad. Shashi asks Dhruv and Sonam to go, he will handle here.

Sheetal says no. Dhruv holds Sonam’s hand and takes her. Inspector comes and says stop, you can’t do anywhere until Milky gets conscious and answers us. Doctor comes. Inspector asks how is Milky, we have to take her statement. Doctor says she is getting treated, her face didn’t burn, she will get conscious in the morning. Inspector says we will wait till morning. Nutan asks him to break the gathbandhan, Dhruv is married to Milky. Inspector asks Dhruv is he planning to marry Sonam when Milky is his wife, two marriages are not permitted. Dhruv says this gathbandhan won’t break. Shashi says give that to me. Dhruv gives it to Shashi. Raghav says I heard Milky is burnt, she will send you to jail, you and Dhruv will be separated, I m between you two now, your jodi doesn’t suit. He kicks Dhruv’s statue. He hugs Sonam’s statue. Sumitra comes to his room. He says I was just loving Sonam, I don’t like anyone’s disturbance, I will not force Sonam, she will agree on own, I have fallen in love with you.

Dhruv and Sonam come to a park. He says we fell in love and got punished, I regret a lot for my mistake, it won’t happen again. She says don’t talk about that again, I want to make a new start by forgetting all that, can we do this. He gets on the bench and acts. She laughs. He opens arms for her. She hugs him and cries. He wipes her tears. Raghav hugs Sonam’s statue. Sumitra goes. Raghav says we have a connection. Its morning, Inspector asks everyone not to come in until he takes Milky’s statement.

Sheetal says Milky will trap Sonam now, our work will be done. Milky looks out. She says my inlaws have burnt me for the greed of dowry, they wanted Dhruv to marry Sonam. Inspector asks are Dhruv and Sonam also related to this incident. Milky recalls Sonam’s words. She says no, I won’t lie. He says Dhruv and Sonam look ready for the marriage. She says its his parents’ mistake, they are greedy for money. Sheetal says Milky would be giving statement against Sonam. Nutan smiles. Milky says Sheetal also helped them, Dhruv is their puppet, Sonam came in their words and agreed for marriage, they are greedy, they can do anything for money. Inspector leaves. Milky smiles. Sheetal asks inspector does he know about Milky’s statement. Inspector says yes, Milky said Nutan, Shashi and Sheetal have burnt her for the sake of dowry. Everyone gets shocked.