Lockdown Ki Love Story 28th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Nutan venting her anger on Ankita. Ankita says we were just having fun. Nutan says you look shameful, did you see yourself in mirror, men will be ashamed to see women in such clothes. Ankita cries. Nutan asks her to just delete the vulgar pics. Ankita takes the phone. Sonam says its fine, pics won’t go to anyone, its suffocating if women have to hide from women also. Nutan asks will you remove clothes and take a breath, there is still time, go and tell your parents. Ankita cries. Nutan says delete the pic. Dhruv and everyone see the pics. Sheetal says I will go and see Nutan. Subhadra says I will go and see. Ankita says I deleted the pics, end the matter here. Nutan says thanks a lot, you have kept our respect well, I m not mad to tell this to anyone. She asks Sneha to delete the pics. Sneha says I will delete, don’t worry. Shashikant thinks Nutan always creates tension. Subhadra comes and sees Tanu and Nutan arguing. Nutan complains to Subhadra. Tanu says we didn’t do anything. Subhadra says she is elder to you, did I teach you to this, come with me. She asks them to stop it. Nutan asks Ankita to just change her clothes, wear full clothes and come. Ankita nods.

Nutan asks Subhadra to just understand. Dhruv and Shashikant see Sonam and Tanu in western clothes. Nutan asks them to stop right there, Dhruv and Shashi stop the men. Sheetal asks what’s happening. She sees the girls and says don’t turn this side. Subhadra asks Tanu and Sonam to just go. The men come downstairs. Amber asks what’s happening. Nutan asks Batasa to go. Pratap asks what’s happening here. Nutan asks didn’t you see anything, everyone has seen Sonam on tv. Pratap asks what nonsense are you talking, disgusting. Nutan says I will also say bad things to you. She argues. She says matter has gone over head, so I will tell you. She calls Sneha. She asks Sneha to tell them what happened. Sneha says Ankita, Tanu and Sonam were getting pics clicked. Pratap says really sad, what’s wrong. Nutan says tell them what did they wear. Dhruv says let it be.

Sheetal says we have seen it, they were wearing bikini. Sneha says not bikini, short pants. Nutan says they were secretly getting pics clicked, they cleverly sent us upstairs. She asks Dheeraj not to let Ankita do this. Dhruv asks Shashi to handle here. He rushes to Sonam. Pratap asks what’s wrong if they have worn shorts, I never stopped my children. Nutan says you don’t have control on them, so you let them do anything. Pratap gets angry. Shashi asks Nutan to just stop it. Subhadra asks Sonam how could she think about it. Tanu says we have worn just shorts. Subhadra says you can’t insult Nutan’s house customs. She says Ankita had to hear a lot because of you Sonam, you didn’t think of Dhruv once, how would he feel, he is carefully handling everything, you spoiled it all. Dhruv says I need to talk to Sonam in private. Subhadra and Tanu go.

He says you are totally foolish. Sonam says yes, you also scold me. Dhruv says I will not leave this golden chance, you have ruined my name, you got caught so easily, you could have asked my help, why did you ask Sneha. Sonam smiles and asks didn’t you come to scold me. He says of course not, I came to scold you for the bad plan, I would have helped you and stopped Nutan, I know my house and would have hidden you. Sonam says Nutan scolded us a lot, its wrong, don’t we have rights. Nutan says its fun to do wrong things, even Subhadra doesn’t care, she didn’t tell Pratap and came with me to bank. Shashi asks like you told me before going to bank. He apologizes to Pratap. He says its not a big matter, but Nutan has a small thinking. Pratap says break this relation. Dhruv says everything is different, its tough for Nutan to change. He explains Sonam that two generations are different. He says sorry from mum’s side, I will explain her. Sonam says let it be, I will talk to Nutan.

Sheetal says Nutan and Pratap don’t want this marriage to happen, I will handle it from here. They agree.