Luv Kush 31st October 2019 Written Episode Update

Episode starts with Valmiki asking everyone not to believe something you have heard. Sita cries happily and says I hope Lav and Kush believe it. She sees them gone. The lady says they already left. Lav and Kush fight. Sita comes there and sees them. She stops them. She asks them to answer, why are they doing this. Kaushalya comes to Ram. He asks the matter. Kush says we will always help each other. Sita asks what kind of help is this. Lav says we were venting anger to calm each other. She asks what nonsense is this.

Kush says Ram didn’t call Sita to Ayodhya. Sita says you didn’t understand him till now. Lav says yes, we don’t want to understand, even if he has love in heart, he didn’t get Sita in life when fate gave him a chance, he could have returned her honor, he didn’t do this.

Kaushalya says you could have got Sita to Ayodhya today, no one would have asked you anything, but you chose the tough path, you are still sticking to Sita’s decision, I m blessed to get a son like you. Lav says Ram is helpless in front of Ayodhya’s Praja. Sumitra says no one will understand that Ram didn’t let his feeling overpower his duties. Kush says we have understood Ram, he isn’t Maryada Purushottam for us. Lav says yes, one day he has to answer us, why did he do this with Sita. Ram says I did not do anything special, mums always praise child’s deeds. Sumitra says you gave time to Laxman to vent his anger, you have always accepted his hatred.

Laxman comes and says we have no line drawn between our relation now. He cries and comes to Ram. He says I m thankful to you, I have realized my foolishness, I can’t become great like you, your horse has left to rule over the world, you aren’t happy, you don’t want to rule over the world, you want to please the world. Horse runs. Everyone chants Ram’s name. Laxman says I have always blamed you, when you needed my support, I have hurt you. He cries and apologizes. Ram says I know your love is hidden behind your anger, you don’t need to change yourself, you have no bad quality. Laxman apologizes and cries. They all smile. Laxman says I always called you Maharaj. Ram says still I just heard Bhaiya from you. Ram hugs Laxman. Dheera comes to Lav and Kush. Kush says we will be caught by Ayodhya guards and meet Ram to get answers. Dheera says you are mistaken. Lav says we will surely meet him. Dheera says I will tell Sita. Kush ties him up. Dheera shouts.

Kush says we won’t stop now, until we get our answers. Kush goes and looks for Lav. Lav hears the horse’s sound. He goes to see. He says I will feed him something and then ride it to go to Ayodhya. He runs after the horse. He falls down. He says this doesn’t look like an ordinary house, I have to make him my friend by smartness, not strength. Lav gets some fresh grass and keeps it there. The horse jumps over and goes. Lav looks on. He says my idea failed. The horse comes back to eat the grass. Lav smiles. Ram thanks Rishivar for coming. Sita looks for Lav and Kush. Lav goes to the house. Sita sees Ramayana pages turning. Lav stops the horse. The horse goes out of control. Lav controls it. Lav says so you fell in my trap, friend. He gets shocked seeing Ayodhya flag. He says I didn’t see the flag since long. He reads the message, this horse belongs to Ram, the land where this horse steps will belong to Ram, stopping this horse would mean challenging Ram… He worries.

Lav says we should call Ram here. Kush says we won’t step back. Dheera goes to Sita and says Lav and Kush stopped the Ashwamedha yagya horse. Sita gets shocked.