Mahir finally kisses Bela in Naagin 3

The ongoing track of Naagin 3 is high on drama, as Bela, Vishakha, and Vikrant join forces against Sumitra so that they can win over evil.

As per the track, Mahir has lost his memory, while Bela, Vish, and Vikrant trap Sumitra for the naagmadi.

In the upcoming episode, Bela and Mahir come together, and Mahir finally confesses his feelings to Bela. Bela is stunned to know that Mahir has regained his lost memory.

Bela confesses to Mahir that naags and naagins stay together forever with their love partner if he is human.

Mahir and Bela promise each other that they will be together forever, and Bela finally gets her love back.

It will be interesting to see how Mahir and Bela fight against the evil Sumitra together. Will their love be successful?

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