Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pallavi sees Raghav standing behind her, Raghav walks to her and says so what are you saying, Pallavi says someone is calling me and runs away, Jaya says dont say anything dhe was helping me to say sorry, I misunderstood you, so I wanted to apologise, Raghav says you dont need to, just forgive for that one reason and all will be fine, you always judge me by my one mistake Amma, its 10 years now, Raghav in tears says time doesn’t heal anything I would say, Jaya says I dont want to remember that day, Pallavi keeps asking about that day but I didn’t say a word because that day ruins everything, I want to forget that, Raghav says that is not happening but because you have created a wall and not letting move forward, will you never forget me for that day, Jaya says I don’t know. Raghav leaves, Pallavi hears everything and thinks what happened 10 years back.

Milind sees Sulochana in room and asks when did you come, Sulochana says shutup, Milind closes the door and says how can yiu fraud, you could go jail, and stop this now, live in peace and look after your daughter’s all are spoilt and leaves.

Amruta walks to Sulochana and asks how are you, I missed you so much, Sulochana says I am already annoyed leave.
Jaya says Kirti I apologized to Raghav you should too, Kirti says I will never because of him my Anna and younger brother are not with me, Jaya says anyways I have sent you my friend Sujata’s sons photo do take a look, if you like him will talk ahead, Kirti says I told you so many times, I dont want to marry, Jaya says atleast give it a chance.

Raghav swims sses Pallavi near Pool thinking about something and walks to her and asks her where is she lost and dont act again, you are so bad, Pallavi says excuse me I am gold medalist, Raghav says I may be bad in acting but best in many things, Pallavi says okay you write 5 best qualities of yours and I will write mine, whoever wins can make other one do anything, Raghav says lets see and both note down things.

Raghav says best in kissing, Pallavi says please be realistic, Raghav says I can show it, Pallavi says you are disqualified, Raghav says this is my best quality, Pallavi says please you have so many things, like love and care for family, helping nature, passionate about work, hard-working, these are your real qualities, Raghav says no one ever said so many good things about me, and not just game I lost everything to you, Pallavi says you need to fulfill the condition, Raghav says okay, Pallavi says promise, Raghav says yes, Pallavi says what happened 10 years back, Raghav says why you want to know and after knowing the truth even you will hate and judge me like others, Pallavi says I want to understand you better, Raghav says people asume the other side of coin, Pallavi says atleast try and trust me once, I promise I won’t judge you without knowing both sides.

Raghav says to Pallavi I haven’t told anyone this yet but you, Pallavi says thanks for trusting, Raghav says 300 km away from Hyderabad lived my family, my father, mother, Kirti and younger brother, my father was a musician, played in wedding’s, his art was his passion, and Amma used teach dance, remember you saw me practising Bharatnatyam, Amma was my Guru, we lived in small house but were very happy, my wealth increased but happiness reduced, Pallavi holds his hand .
Raghav says Kirti and Arjun were in school and me in college, I was different in nature because I had seen poverty, I wore one uniform and torn bags, and was bullied in school, kids use to say anything rude, I started getting angry on my poverty than I started breaking, and anger took over, I had no money so I use to scare people and I had decided that I will earn lot of money but my faith gave me tight slap, Nana had lungs problem because of playing instrument, he had to ve taken to goid hospital, and I met Krishna Rao.