Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pallavi says to Raghav, all will only try to pull you down so don’t do anything that you won’t be able to face yourself, Raghav says I promise I won’t do anything this way but calm down and take rest Pallavi please, Pallavi lies down, Raghav helps her calm down, Pallavi falls asleep.

Jaya thinks about what Pallavi said about Raghav, and in tears, Jaya looks at photo and remembers how happy Raghav was when she told Raghav she would stay with him and says I sent Pallavi to help Raghav but she returned my son Raghav to me.

Vijay thinks of how Pallavi behaved, Milind walks to him and says I know you are thinking about Pallavi, Vijay says she died with Mandar and I know no one, Milind says but you were doing wrong and Pallavi was angry, Vijay says shut up and go take care of your wife, Sulochana walks in and falls in Vijay’s feet says I didn’t do anything Pallavi is lying, Vijay says stop this act we all know you very well and if you dont stop this drama I will throw you out, Mansi says let me see how you throw her out, Milind says stop it Mansi, Mansi says look at him, no body stopped Pallavi and Raghav, you must be their puppet not me, what do they think of themselves, and stop defending Pallavi, she is no more related to us and my mother is innocent.

Jaya walks to Raghav, Raghav says why are you knocking door, what’s wrong come in, Jaya says I am fine, Raghav says are you upset about Kirti, Jaya says I am here for you, I was only Kirti and Arjun’s mother but today I am here to be your Amma, 10 years you let me ill treat you, I called you selfish but I was selfish, I was so involved in my pain I didn’t think of you, a mother stands by her son but I joined others against him, I left you alone in your bad times, I don’t deserve to be your mother, please forgive me Raghav, Raghav says don’t do all this Amma please, Jaya says listen to me you are not your fathers and younger brothers murderer you are not accountable for the past, Raghav in tears stumbles, Jaya asks are you fine, Raghav says Amma, Krishna Rao did, Jaya says I know everything please forgive your mother and hugs him.

Raghav explains Jaya how to distinguish diamonds, Jaya sees Raghav and Pallavi’s photo on office table and says I didn’t expect this from you and today I am here to apologise because of Pallavi, Raghav asks meaning, Jaya says he spoke to me after you shared past with her, she told me to look at your intentions and not the mistake because results are not in hand but efforts are, Raghav keep your hand on your heart tell me is she happy, Raghav says I think so, Jaya says Raghav I snatched Pallavi’s happiness and I broke her family when she gave my family back, is she her forcefully or happily, Raghav says at times I feel we do have something, Jaya asks did Pallavi said she wants to be here, Raghav says yea she does once but may be because she wants me to see happy, Jaya says that is Pallavi she only gives happiness and so people cant see her pain, I have already forced her a lot, and as return to our happiness we need to let her go, Raghav in tears, Jaya says let her go Kolhapur.

Raghav in Pallavi’s bedroom, look at her she is asleep, Pallavi keeps his hand on her forehead, Raghav in tears leaves. Pallavi wakes up and tries to figure out who it was and goes back to sleep.
Raghav calls Farhad and asks him to do a work.