Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 18th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sulochana in pain, Amruta says cmon mom and you were so excellent, Sulochana says right, now we are winning, Sharda walks in, and asks what are you two doing, Sulochana says I am in pain, do you have anything, Sharda says the cake must be helping which you two are eating, Amruta asks which cake, Sharda says you are small Amruta be one here is cake bill and I don’t want any reasons morw, Vijay is not thinking correct but I can, I hate Raghav and I know what Raghav said and showed was true today I saw Raghav fighting for her and felt good, she finally found a good family and husband and so you two stop partying because she own and didn’t lose, you couldn’t steal thing’s from her, she was honest and so she won, Sharda leaves.

Raghav guilty thinking about his conversation with Pallavi, he feels dizzy again, and shouts I am not murderer, Farhad asks what’s wrong, Raghav says you were right I made huge mistake, Pallavi was right and I felt it too but my ego made me make such huge mistake and now I can’t look at myself, am I so bad, you said you saw good in me, do I still have thay, Farhad says sorry, not today he is no more, you have become that bad person and proved you are that bad person the world and Amma thinks and you will have to fight all this by yourself and get out of it. Farhad leaves.
Raghav thinks he has Pallavi’s blood on his hand and starts shouting, I am good person, I didnt kill anyone.

Sunny on call with Pallavi, Sunny says this marriage is a big mess, Kirti says we need to for society, Sunny gets upset and says society bullshit and if you want to talk about marriage and Society go find someone else, Kirti tries calling back but Sunny doesn’t respond, Amma walks to Kirti, Farhad rushes to them and tells Raghav and Pallavi had huge fight.

Raghav sees Pallavi unconscious on floor and rushes to her, picks her up and puts her on bed, Raghav tries to wake her up, Jaya, Kirti, Farhad walk in, Jaya asks what happened, Raghav says I don’t know and asks Farhad to call doctor.
Doctor checks Pallavi and says she was already week and may be she took stress of something and so this happened, please keep her away from stress.
Jaya asks Kirti to get Kadha for Pallavi.

Raghav sits beside unconscious Pallavi, and leaves later.
Jaya sees Raghav in tears and asks tears will reduce your pain not her, now I know what must have happened in Deshmukh house, you know why I didn’t forgive you because you did feel guilty but never took a step to do good, and if you have guilt for action against Pallavi, stop crying and take steps to do good and if you lose you will lose your mother too.