Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21st April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Raghav at his house angry, he sees Pallavi standing front of him and says is this true you are behind Kirti and Amma’s arrest, Pallavi says you think I did this, I have saved you, I am simple girl, have middle class family, and you think I am behind this, Raghav says exactly you can never fall so low, that man was lying some one was trying to frame you, Pallavi says but you need to be answered your way, you are a cheap man, you have spoilt my life and you have spoilt my sister’s lives as well, and what you think you will destroy my family and I will be fine with it, I will return the pain, you destroyed my sister so I destoryed your, Raghav says I will Kill you Pallavi, Farhad walks to him and asks who are you talking to whats wrong. Raghav says nothing and leaves.

Farhad says to Raghav, Pallavi wont do this, Raghav says of its Pallavi I will destory her and her family, and makes a call to Jaya and asks when were photos uploaded, Jaya says the day saree photoshoot was done, there were many people that day someone might have done there, but forget this matter.
Raghav gets angry and starts drinking, Farhad tries to tell him its not Pallavi, Raghav asks whats her assistants name, Farhad says Krishna.

Krishna at shop, sees Raghav, Krishna says Pallavi isnt here, Raghav says I am here to talk to you, Krishna says come when Pallavi is here, Raghav says I know you people dont like me but please listen to me, Krishna says what is it, Raghav says Pallavi is very impressive, and I was changing a bit and have no interest in challenge too now, she is very talented, I want to apologise, Krishna says tell her then, she wasnt this way, but because of you she has learned to answer people, Raghav says this is why I want her to work hard, Krishna tells Raghav, Pallavi is managing shop all alone, she hasnt told home as well that the shop is in loss, she shows fake accounts to them so that they aren’t hurt and says she has lot of self respect does everything alone, Raghav asks Krishna to get water, and checks Pallavi’s fake accounts book and steals it, Raghav says Krishna I have an idea to help Pallavi, Krishna asks what is it..

Krishna asks Pallavi to come to restuarant to meet Raghav, for shop discussion. Pallavi reaches restuarant and sees Raghav drinking and asks what is it, Raghav says take a seat, Raghav asks waiter to get her juice, Raghav says read these documents and sign them, Pallavi surprised reading them, and says these are transfer papers, Raghav says I am transferring it to you, Pallavi says I dont believe you, you think I am emotional fool and you will take advantage of this, I won’t sign them, Raghav says read them and sign them if you like, I am at batr, waiting for you, Pallavi goes through the papers, Pallavi thinks about Vijay.
Pallavi asks Raghav why is he doing all this, Raghav says this world thinks bad about me but I am good man, I believe in justice, I am keeping an eye at your shop, from day one, and I know if you weren’t fighting with me your shop would be in profit, so you won technically, I have tested your limits,and you have proved always, so you won this challenge, I no more have interest, for me the shop is useless but you everything, so all the best.

Pallavi says I want a deal not a favor, I will pay you in 12 installments, and you can’t deny, Raghav says okay, Pallavi says I will add news papers with terms and conditions of installments, Raghav says done but one request anything can happen between us so sign the first page, Pallavi
signs first page, Raghav says sign this duplicate copy too, Pallavi does so, Raghav says good we won’t see eachother, had fun fighting, Pallavi says good bye and leaves.

Pallavi happy about shop leaves. Raghav says I wont leave you so easily, theres one more game and then permanant good bye.